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The suggestion box: A modernized solution to school-related issues

Mel Berilo
A suggestion box and form stand. Photo by Mel Berilo / Mass Media Contributor.

Education. A word that describes the intake of knowledge through learning. With education comes an important part of a healthy learning environment: feedback. Without the feedback of students and parents, the school system is incomplete. How will they know if the rules and methods they have set up are truly benefiting students? Are there any changes that should be made?
Well, I have a solution! The suggestion box. This is an idea that will allow students to express their opinions without feeling like they will be judged or questioned. This can be set up in the classroom where students can anonymously share their questions, concerns or any suggestions they have with their teachers. This way, teachers can get to know what students like and dislike about the class. Additionally, educators will be able to recognize whether there are any improvements or changes that can be made which would benefit both the students and the educators themselves.
The suggestion box can also be implemented in the main office near the entrance of the school for parents, guardians, and/or caregivers to stop by and anonymously express their thoughts on the school systems, suggestions, complaints or concerns they may have. It’s an easy way to have everyone’s voices heard and improve the education system for the better. Everyone’s feedback is really important, and perhaps the suggestion box could spark new ideas which are crucial to a healthy school environment. By having a suggestion box, the school administration will be able to address any issues or concerns that they would not have been aware of, some of which may even be serious. This way, everyone can stay more connected.
The school administration could have monthly meetings to discuss the issues that are being raised through the suggestion box and come up with solutions that can be used to improve the issue. The suggestion box is a great way for the school to show that they value the opinions of their students and caregivers. This allows students and parents to be able to share concerns that they may not be comfortable sharing if it wasn’t anonymous. From my own experience, I’ve felt the need for a suggestion box multiple times throughout my education. I’ve met with teachers during individual meetings and had conversations with my guidance counselor about my concerns many times. However, I felt as though my concerns weren’t taken seriously enough and my issue wasn’t discussed by the school administration.
Everyone’s point of view is equally valuable because we all have different ideas. Through the suggestion box, the school administration and educators can be open to new ideas that they may not have thought of. All students have a different way of learning and some teaching methods might not work for everyone, which is why it’s so important to have a suggestion box. Students would be able to freely express their thoughts on the methods, instruction and the environment created in the classroom.
At UMass Boston, near the end of each semester, we have feedback surveys, otherwise known as course evaluations. I’m glad that the university came up with this form that allows students to give feedback on their instructors and courses. It’s important to know how the course and methods of teaching can be better improved. The suggestion box will transform the school system for the better. It’s time to bring change!

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