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Is college worth it?

Bianca Oppedisano
A college graduate holding a diploma in one hand and a piggy bank in the other. Illustration by Bianca Oppedisano / Mass Media Staff

Is college worth it? After all, you may be thinking, “Some of the most successful people in the world have either dropped out or never attended college, so why can’t I?” However, although it’s possible to succeed without a degree, the truth is that college will only increase your chances of becoming successful.

College allows you to find your passion by exploring different majors and choosing classes you enjoy. You can definitely learn without college, but it will be a lot harder. As mentioned by the Boston Magazine, UMass Boston has ranked number 43 as one of the top colleges in Massachusetts. UMass Boston offers over 35 different majors for all types of career paths. The university has extremely knowledgeable professors in different disciplines with opportunities that are endless.

College may be an expensive investment for some. However, I suggest that students consider taking out loans and paying them back after they graduate and secure a job. I am aware that textbooks can also be quite expensive, but at UMass Boston, they can be resold through the campus bookstore to earn money and purchase new books for the upcoming semester.

Once you obtain a degree, doors will begin to open for you. As a Management major, I’ve always been interested in the different specializations within business. UMass Boston offers a wide range of concentrations for Management students including marketing, accounting, finance and more. As a sophomore at UMass Boston, I secured my first ever internship in finance the summer after my freshman year. Without UMass Boston, it would’ve been extremely difficult for me to get an internship. I’m grateful to have supportive advisors that have helped me improve my resume and cover letter to help me stand out from other applicants. College has really helped me gain confidence and develop my skills.

I understand that college may not be for everyone, as we all have different ways of learning. A multitude of companies have different internships for college students. Different jobs have different requirements for applicants such as having a Bachelor’s degree. Without meeting those requirements, chances are you won’t be getting an interview. With only a high school degree, you’re limiting yourself to certain jobs you don’t have the qualification for. Although a college degree doesn’t guarantee that you will be making a lot of money, it is more likely.

Do your research. Depending on what career you are pursuing and your personal goals, you may or may not need a degree. For example, if you are looking into becoming a chef, a college degree may not be the ideal path as there are culinary schools specifically for that area of specialty. But, keep in mind that the majority of individuals with a Bachelor’s degree do earn more than individuals with just a high school degree. However, I wouldn’t recommend choosing solely based on the salary outlook. Instead, I would encourage students to do what makes them happy.

Know your options. You may not have the time to go to school five days a week due to your busy work schedule or lifestyle. However, college is flexible. At UMass Boston, students have the option to either take courses on-campus on Monday, Wednesday, Friday; Tuesday, Thursday; Saturday; or every day. Whether you end up enrolling in a university or taking a different path, just remember that success is possible no matter which route you take.

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