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Taking advantage of your student discount

Josh Kotler
Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts, as seen from Huntington Ave. Photo by Josh Kotler / Mass Media Contributor

From community colleges to public and private universities, Boston is the college capital of the United States. Not only do students from across the country find themselves making this historic town their home, but even international students move here to get the Boston college experience.

Arguably, Boston is one of the best areas to study in, as it perfectly balances the professionalism needed for students and numerous opportunities during and after school, while also providing students a fun, social environment to make new friends and go on adventures in.

The city of Boston recognizes the quantity and overall quality of its student life. Students really are a critical part of this town. Therefore, there are multiple locations and services that provide student discounts. I highly recommend taking advantage of your student discount throughout your studies!

I wrote this article highlighting some of my favorite places and/or services that provide a student discount with some other important information needed.

Firstly, the arts scene in Boston is huge. The arts community thrives here and in my experience, it is a pleasure to be able to see. For example, the famous Museum of Fine Arts provides the majority of Boston colleges with discounted or free entry. You, and maybe a friend or two, will be able to stroll through the beautiful exhibits the museum has worked so hard on curating. Depending on the time of year, the MFA sometimes includes special limited exhibitions for their guests to enjoy. One of my favorites was their exhibition on fashion, specifically highlighting unique eras and trends such as the Peacock Revolution, the female suit, etc. If you’re unsure of what may be new, feel free to check out the MFA’s website or their socials for more info.

Another great museum that provides us with a student discount is the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. Their alternative art is captivating and overall more intimate. Fun fact about this particular museum, it actually was victim to one of the largest art heists in history that, to this day, still remains unsolved. You may have heard of the case! So all love and positivity is appreciated at Isabella Stewart. They work so hard on their exhibits and encourage students to enjoy their discount.

However, if the arts are not really your thing, maybe sports are! Boston lives and breathes sports. The sports community here is one of the largest and most loyal in the country. A lot of the time throughout the semester, The Office of Student Activities sells discounted sports’ game tickets. They are usually around $8-$15! If student activities are sold out or not selling these tickets, you could also check out sports sites to sign up for any student programs they have. For example, the Red Sox have a program called Student9s. They sell discounted tickets for students on select home games. Just make sure to bring your student ID with you along with your tickets.

Lastly, with UMass Boston being mostly a commuter school, transportation is dire for UMass Boston students. Based on availability, our transportation department sells MBTA passes for students. If you got your pass, I hope you’re making good use of it! Amtrak also offers a 15 percent off discount to students aged 17 to 24. You can look into their website for more information on this program.

To wrap up this article, I cannot stress enough: use your student discount! Time does fly and you might get lost in your academics, but at least try to find some time for yourself. Go out and do something fun. Take advantage of your student discount and see the city.

Going out and experiencing Boston made it more of a home for me, I hope it does the same for you!

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