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How to stay organized in quarantine

You may find yourself struggling to figure out how to spend your day or if you really should muster through another episode on Netflix. The best way to stay busy when you’re all cooped up in the house is to begin organizing around the house! Whether you start in your closet, kitchen or even a small space like your desk, organizing can be one of the best ways to pass the time. Organizing is also a very helpful way to maintain order in your life, especially during these troubling times where you often find yourself lost and unorganized in life. Becoming organized on the outside can sometimes help you become organized on the inside. 

The first place that can help you become organized is your closet. Spending time during the day to reorganize your closet is one way to get major clutter out of your life. The best way to begin is by emptying out all of your closet and removing everything from hangers to bins. Next, split the clothes into piles of what you definitely want to keep, maybes, and what you want to throw out. You never know what could be sitting in the back of your closet and getting rid of that old sweatshirt you haven’t worn since high school will help to create space in your new closet. The next step is moving on to drawers. Emptying out the drawers and doing what you did with the closet of getting rid of clothes helps organize as well. My personal favorite thing to do after reorganizing my closet is the method of rolling my shirts and pants to condense.

The next place to organize is your desk area. Right now, our desk is our place of solitude, as we spend many hours a day sitting in the same spot to do our schoolwork. After some time, your desk can get very cluttered which only creates added stress. A tip for organizing your desk is storage! Storage is the best way to create a more lively and well-kept area for yourself. For all your pens and pencils, there are plenty of cheap organizers you can find on Amazon that is perfect for your desk area. If you don’t want to spend money, coffee mugs are some of the best organizers laying around the house. The next best way to organize is desk organizers. For scattered papers and objects lying around, desk organizers are a way to gather up everything and keep it right in front of you in a clean, organized manner.

A personal project I have taken on is organizing my own kitchen. Just like the closet, taking everything out of the kitchen and throwing away or donating what you do not want is a way to declutter. By doing so, you are able to throw away items that may or may not have been expired for a while. If you already have gone through and organized your food, your kitchen drawers may be the next best thing. Using a drawer organizer for your utensils is a way to keep everything in place and organize drawers to create more room. Similar to the coffee cup, using a larger jar or container is a way to organize bigger utensils and keep them close by when cooking.

During times like these, it is often difficult trying to figure out the best way to maintain order in your life. If school work becomes too much and you cannot seem to focus, small house projects like organizing is one of the best ways to put your energy elsewhere. Organizing does not mean only reorganizing your house but can help to reorganize your mind as well. When this quarantine ends, one upside to the past few months is that your house can be super organized once doors open again.