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Easy Valentine’s Day desserts

Valentine’s Day is approaching, and whether you’re taken or single this year, you’ll want to try these Cupid inspired recipes. This is a tailored list of easy, fun, basic desserts you can make for a valentine, with a valentine, or with some friends! The great part is, no matter whether you’re dreading or looking forward to this holiday, you can at least get some sweets out of it.
1. Chocolate covered strawberries

This doesn’t need much of an explanation or tutorial, but there are some special things you can add on to get creative and festive with this classic dessert. If you use white chocolate rather than dark chocolate, you can use food coloring to make the chocolate pink. Or, you could get pink chocolate discs from a candy store and melt that for your strawberries. Before you dip the strawberry in the chocolate, make sure the strawberry is dry, because the chocolate will get a weird texture if there is too much moisture. If you like your chocolate the color it already is, then use a drizzler, or even sway a spoon above your strawberries to drip it with another kind of chocolate to make it more special. Adding on some pink or red sprinkles can also be a nice touch. Be sure to remember that heating chocolate is a very temperamental thing as it burns very easily. White chocolate burns faster than dark chocolate so it’s important to keep a close eye on it.



Chocolate (any kind of your choosing: white, dark, milk, pink)

2. Heart shaped cupcakes

The great thing about these cupcakes is that you don’t need any special sort of pan. All you have to do is fold the cupcake wrappers in the shape of a heart while you bake them. Take a ball of aluminum foil, stick it in between the crease of the heart wrapper to help keep its shape, and it will bake into the heart shape. For the purpose of this recipe, red velvet would probably be the best flavor. With a white, cream cheese frosting, and a cherry or sprinkles on top, this is a perfect Valentine’s Day dessert.


1 box of red velvet cake mix

1 tub of frosting

Sprinkles/sugar/cherry on top
3. Heart shaped chocolate chip strawberry cookies

With a heart shaped cookie cutter, you can make as many as you wantand you’ll want a lot of these, trust me. With a box of strawberry cake mix from the store, you can add in some chocolate chips and make the perfect mix for a lovely cookie like you’ve never had before. Once you mix the ingredients together from the cake mix, add in a cup and a half of chocolate chipsthis can be adjusted to your liking as well. When they come out of the oven, they will be pink, heart shaped chocolate chip cookies with that sweet taste of strawberry we all love.

Valentine’s Day can be another holiday you let pass by and ignore, or you can take the opportunity to do something new, creative and fun with a friend or twoor even alone! Cooking and baking are both great ways to experiment with something you do every day: eat food! Baking cookies never made anyone sad, and these are so simple they won’t even take up an hour of your time. Trust me and get baking! Happy Valentine’s Day!

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