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Tove Lo “Sunshine Kitty” tour review

On Monday, Feb. 10, 2020, Tove Lo came to The House of Blues in Boston as part of her “Sunshine Kitty” tour. Tagging along with her was the opening guest, Alma, who was vibrant, along with a Billie Eilish-style look, Alma. These artists came from around the world to play for Boston, as Alma is a Finnish singer-songwriter, and Tove Lo is a Swedish singer-songwriter. The House of Blues was one stop of many, as the tour is set to continue through the end of March, ending with the European leg of the tour. The day after Tove Lo played Boston, she ended up fracturing her ankle in New York while performing, so Boston was the last show she played without the assistance of her crutches.

As Tove Lo first entered the stage, the crowd went wild. She came out in a customized denim jacket, with colorful patches and her name on it. Underneath the jacket she had neon pinks shorts on, which were perfect for her to move and jump around in to get the crowd going. Her band members were also all wearing matching denim that was probably designed for the tour. While performing her first song, an audience member handed her a rose to which she took and held onto as she performed. She came out to one of her most popular songs, “Cool Girl.” 

It wasn’t much of a surprise to me when I saw the Instagram post confirming a fractured ankle after twerking on stage to Tove Lo’s hit song ‘Talking Body.’ At our concert, it was her most lively song as she literally took her shirt and bra off while she danced and sang carelessly along. This was a shock to me as I’ve never seen an artist do anything like that while performing, but I found out it’s apparently her tradition to do so while performing ‘Talking Body.’ Her undressing goes in tune with the music, as the song is talking about hooking up with someone. It was almost like an authentic way for Tove Lo to bring her music to real life and onto the stage in front of all of her fans. With that said, everyone loved it and cheered along and she put her shirt back on and kept dancing and twerking along.

I appreciate the music for what it is, and it’s super catchy. It’s no wonder Tove Lo has had hits on the radio: her music really is good. The performance was different than I had expected, and the variety her choreography lacked made for it to be a bit of an uncomfortable act. I am all for dancing and acting however you want, and she should do what makes her happy on stage, so if she wants to twerk and only twerk for her set then she should. However, when that’s the only dance move performed, it ends up feeling more like you’re watching a TikTok of someone just poorly dancing along to music. Especially with the amount of people that came to the venue and how everything was portrayed; it looked as though there was a lot of funding for this tour. I think if they put in some more effort into adding variation into the choreography, then it would have been perfect. The crowd loved Tove Lo, and you could tell she loved performing. Overall, the energy in the venue was lively, and everyone was excited to see such a big name in the pop music industry come visit Boston.

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