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2-26-24 PDF
February 26, 2024
An inside look at Bobby B. Beacon’s insides. Illustrated by Bianca Oppedisano/ Mass Media Staff.
Bobby's Inside Story
February 26, 2024

Five budget cocktails for UMass Boston students

If you want to have a good time with your friends, but don’t want to spend a ton of money out at the bar, here is the perfect list of cheap and easy drinks to make at home for pre-gaming or for a night in. This list is designed to split the drinks among you and a friend or two to get the cost down low. If you get a bigger bottle to split between yourselves, you end up spending less money, rather than each getting your own $10-$15 bottle. Next time you have plans to go out with friends, opt to stay in an hour longer, save some money and enjoy each others’ company. It can also be a fun way to experiment with drinks to figure out your new go-to for Friday nights.

1. Grey Goose and Sprite: 

Get this bottle of Grey Goose at a retail liquor store or at a gas station that sells liquor for one liter. It’ll be cheaper, but not better, because, honestly, Grey Goose smells like rubbing alcohol. With this smell, the taste is just about the same. The way you cover the taste of said rubbing alcohol is by grabbing a shot glass, an original 18 ounce red solo cup filled with ice cubes, and filling the cup with Sprite to cloud the flavor of the Goose. 

Grey Goose: $35-$45; split between two people: $17.50-$22.50

Sprite: $2-$5 

Total cost: $20-$25 per person

2. Hendrick’s gin and pineapple-flavored Fanta: 

If you’re balling from this week’s paycheck, then buy one liter of plain Hendrick’s gin, which is worth the hefty price tag of $35-$45. The reason why this mix is worth it is because it tastes like a piña colada, and it’s perfect to sip on with the pineapple hiding the strong taste of the gin. It won’t take much of this drink before you start to feel it, so it’ll last you and a friend a while.

Hendrick’s gin: $35-$45 split between two people: $17.50-$22.50

Fanta: $2-$5 

Total cost: around $20 per person

3. New Amsterdam vodka, Ocean Spray cranberry juice, and Sprite: 

As I suggested for Grey Goose and Sprite, pace this vodka by measuring your liquor with shot glasses. Pour a shot of Grey Goose, two cups of cranberry juice and one cup of Sprite in a solo cup filled with ice. You will barely taste the vodka as the Ocean Spray’s sugar and the Sprite balance the alcohol. 

New Amsterdam vodka, 1L: $25.00; split between two people: $12.50

Ocean Spray cranberry juice and Sprite: $4-$7

Total cost: under $20 per person

4. New Amsterdam gin and Sprite:

A bottle of Sprite can be used as your chaser for around $2-$4. If you have $13 and a friend willing to try some gin, then you have everything you need for a fun, cheap night. The Sprite adds a meager amount of flavor to your tongue, but after your third cup, you won’t really care about flavor. This gin isn’t meant to be chugged, but as long as it is paced with the Sprite, it’ll help to avoid having that pitiful hangover. 

New Amsterdam gin, 1L: $25.00; split between two people: $12.50

Sprite: $2-$5

Total cost: around $15 per person

5. Captain Morgan rum and Coke: 

The cost of $25 and some change split between two people makes this drink just above $10 for each person. If you have the time, then go to a retail store like Target or Walmart to buy a two liter bottle of Coke for $2-$3. This is a go-to cocktail of mine when I’m broke, and finishing this bottle with a friend will take a night or two, if you can make it last.

Captain Morgan rum, 1L: $25.00; split between two people: $12.50

Coke: $2-$4

Total cost: under $15 person