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Christmas Music: How early is too early?

During my time as both an Opinions Writer and currently as the Opinions Editor, I have discussed a whole host of controversial topics. I have discussed international relations, economic policy, religious issues, social issues, and a whole host of other topics. However, this article may be the most divisive and the most disputed topic I have ever written about. I will be discussing my thoughts on when it should be acceptable to begin listening to Christmas music, when it might be too early, and when we should stop. 

As the month of December soon approaches, stores and advertisements are beginning to include Christmas music in their lineup. Christmas is ubiquitous with December and its cheerful music is a staple in both Christian households and secular and non-Christian households. Christmas music is popular throughout North America, Europe and the rest of the Western World. Christians in non-Christian majority nations enjoy Christmas music in their native languages and celebrate Christmas during the winter months. 

Throughout the world, there are two different dates that Christmas is commonly celebrated. According to the Telegraph, “While in the UK, USA and much of the world Christmas Day is December 25, in a surprisingly-high number of countries celebrate Christmas on January 7.” (1) There are several nations that celebrate Christmas on Jan. 7. These nations are nations that are a part of the Orthodox Christian Faith. Some notable countries and regions that celebrate Christmas on January 7 include the Middle East, Russia, and parts of Eastern Europe. Given this information, I find it acceptable to continue to listen to Christmas music up until the last date that Christmas is celebrated in the world. As Christian Evangelical Coptic Egyptian myself, I celebrate Christmas on December 25th as well as Jan. 7th. While the question on when to stop listening to Christmas music seems simple when can and should we start listening to Christmas music.

If someone tells me they begin listening to Christmas music on Dec. 1st, I have a simple reply. As Dwight Schrute from the popular show, The Office says, “Well, that’s debatable. There are basically two schools of thought.” (2) I would argue there are two schools of thought as it regards to when it should be socially acceptable to listen to Christmas music. The first school of thought suggests that after Thanksgiving and around December 1st, Christmas music is acceptable to listen to. The other school of thought, which I ascribe to, suggests that when it snows, and the snow accumulates on the ground, Christmas music is no integrated slowly into the normal music lineup and eventually is continued to increase in its prevalence as we near to Christmas. However, if it does not snow, then my personal opinion is that Christmas music should be played once the radio station, Magic 106.7 turns into a Christmas station, which occurs sometime in November.

As we look forward to Christmas, I encourage people to listen to Christmas music when 

they personally feel comfortable. Personally, Christmas music helps me greatly with stress because I associate Christmas with good feelings, family time, no school, and plenty of chill vibes. The Christmas season will fully be upon us soon, and Christmas music is the best way to get in the Christmas spirit. Whether you’re Christian or not, Christmas is a great time of good cheer and within this year of lockdown, Christmas will be a good time to return to some sense of normalcy. 

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