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Celtics Draft Review


Boston Celtics Logo. Uploaded under fair use.

Last night  was a very important night in the NBA, the NBA draft. It looked very different then usual being that it was done online through zoom. Despite this, the NBA draft still had plenty of emotions, celebration and fancy fashion. Going into this draft the Celtics had three first round picks and a second rounder, here is what they did with them:

1st Round 14th Pick: Aaron Nesmith

The Celtics picked Aaron Nesmith from Vanderbilt with the 14th pick in the draft. Nesmith is a 66 wing from South Carolina who is a great catch and shoot player. He is a high IQ player that excels at making moves off catch, hesitations and pull ups. According to ESPN Nesmith is the best shooter to come out of this year’s draft. In college averaged 23 PPG shooting 52 percent from three and 51 percent in total. And he wasn’t just shooting one or two shots a game either he averaged 8 threes a game. To put that into perspective last season Kemba Walker also took 8 threes a game and he only made 38 percent. Granted shooting is different in college than the NBA so he will need time to adjust, but I think is going to be a great shooter in this league. The Celtics picked up a nice piece that Celtics fans should be happy about. He stretches the floor allowing players like Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum to play freely and drive to the rim. 

However, there are some question marks for Nesmith. The biggest one being his health. He is coming off of a foot injury that made him miss half of the season. Some teams were scared to pick him higher because of this reason. However, the Celtics have a plethora of talent and they can afford to take a chance on a guy like Nesmith who has great potential.

1st Round 26th Pick: Payton Pritchard

With the 26th pick they got Payton Pritchard, a 62 guard Payton Pritchard. Pritchard was a senior at University of Organ where he averaged 20 points. Pritchard isn’t a gifted athlete but he is a great dribbler and could be a good scorer off the bench. He has great range and can penetrate the defense almost at will. I feel like he will have a role similar to Carson Edwards, someone who can come off the bench and be a spark plug offensively. Defensively he doesn’t have the body to be able to guard against a lot of the bigger guards he is going to match up with, but off the bench this shouldn’t be a big problem.

1st Round 30th overall pick Desmond Bane 

I’m not going to spend too much time on this pick because while the Celtics traded this pick to the grizzlies. The player they picked here was Desmond Bane from TCU. He is a 66 guard that can be a good defender in the NBA especially alongside Ja Morant who exerts a lot of energy on the offensive side of the ball

2nd Round 47th Overall Pick: Yam Mader

To be completely honest there is a good chance that Yam Mader will not be anything special for the Celtics. Usually there aren’t many stars who come out of the second round but regardless he is going to spend the next year playing in Israel as a draft and stash guy meaning he is on the roster but he will still play in Israel to develop. He only averaged about 10 points a game in Israel as a guard. We are probably not going to hear much from this guy for now at least.

Overall I think they had a decent night, they got a couple players with potential that could possibly contribute now and they also have a couple players to develop into good role players and even potential trade pieces. This team is in a really good place and the fact that they were able to have so many picks despite how good they were is credit to the brilliance of Danny Ainge as a General Manager.

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