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Premier League 2020 Review

The Premier League kicked off on Sept. 12 in a unique fashion. A late start, coupled with a complete lack of fans, will certainly call for an ultra-unique season. With the transfer window closed, teams have finalized their teams for the upcoming season and teams can begin to push for good results every week. I will outline some notable teams that everyone should be keeping an eye on, what their standards for this season are, and what sort of tactical or personnel emphasis they will be taking. 


Reigning champions Liverpool FC look to push for the title once again. For those who were unaware, Liverpool benefits greatly from American based investments. According to Goal.com, in their article titled, “Who are Liverpool’s owners, Fenway Sports Group?”, Goal.com writes, “Liverpool’s are owned by the same company that owns the Boston Red Sox.”(1) NBA superstar and recent NBA Champion, LeBron James also has a big stake in the team. Business Insider writes, “James… received a 2 percent stake in Liverpool in 2011. ESPN [reported] in 2018 that James’ stake was initially worth about $6.5 million. Now, that value has grown tremendously.” (2) Recent American investment in Liverpool has pushed them greatly in European soccer success. In the 2018-2019 season, they won the Champions League and finished second place in the English Premier League. The current state of Liverpool looks bleak. However, key defender Virgil Van Dijk looks set to miss probably the entire season due to an ACL injury on Oct. 17. Although Liverpool has suffered this strong setback, I suspect they will manage a second Premier League title. 

Manchester City 

The runners-up to Liverpool last season, Manchester City look to push for their third title in four years. With immense problems in defense, manager Pep Guardiola has again spent a great deal of money bringing in two defenders in the form of Nathan Aké and Rúben Dias. These two center-back signings will look to strengthen the position where they are extremely weak. After an underwhelming season where they finished a far second place, Manchester City will probably set their sights on pushing deep into the Champions and probably get second place once again. 


After spending over 300 million dollars on transfers during the summer, Chelsea put a great deal of faith in young manager Frank Lampard (3). Chelsea has recruited many big-name players to attempt to push for the Premier League trophy. With the continued strength of Manchester City and Liverpool, I can’t see Chelsea pushing for the Premier League; however, Chelsea looks to have a bright future. 

Leeds United

Leeds United used to be a major player in the Premier League; however, over one decade ago they were relegated to the lower division, The Championship. However, in the 2019-2020 season, they were promoted to the Premier League. As BBC reports, “Leeds United have been promoted to the Premier League after 16 years away.” (4) Leeds United’s return to the Premier League has given their fanbase a great deal of hope. I predict, with their strong squad of similar players, that they will stay in the division. 

The following are my predictions for the top six teams in the Premier League, 1. Liverpool, 2. Manchester City, 3. Chelsea, 4. Manchester United, 5, Wolves, 6. Leicester City

The following are my predictions for the bottom three who will be relegated from the Premier League, 18. Brighton, 19. West Brom, 20. Fulham.

With the 2020-2021 Premier League season now fully underway, all teams will be pushing to compete strongly each week. Although I did not mention every team, I did mention notable teams that will look to make a strong impact this season. The Premier League is ranked as the number one soccer league in the world (5), and due to the great teams, excellent play-style, and best players, it’s easy to see why. 

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