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February 26, 2024
An inside look at Bobby B. Beacon’s insides. Illustrated by Bianca Oppedisano/ Mass Media Staff.
Bobby's Inside Story
February 26, 2024

Bea Miller “elated!”


Artwork for the album. Uploaded under fair use for review.

Fans of Bea Miller’s smash hit “feel something” will be excited to listen to her new album “elated!” that was released on Oct. 22. You may know her from her viral TikTok songs, or you may have been a fan of her since her 2015 album “Not An Apology”. Since the beginning of her musical career, Bea Miller has been a strong advocate of feminine power. Her music serves as anthems for women who are tired of apologizing, and ready to stand up for themselves. 

“elated!” is an electronic-indie pop album that mixes brand new bops with a few already-popular singles. This is what they call a “no skips” album because you can listen to every song consecutively and your ears will be, ah… elated! 

The first track “hallelujah” is a head-nodding, foot-tapping, percussion-heavy pop song that will speak to those who are spending too much time indulging themselves alone in quarantine. “Maybe I’ve been smoking too much, Maybe I’ve been sleeping not enough…:” Miller sings. She goes on to wonder if she needs a therapist but then dismisses the idea because the “apocalypse is probably gonna take us out” anyways. Fans of Fiona Apple will love this first track, because of her similar sounds.

The second song in “elated!” is “FEEL SOMETHING DIFFERENT”, a twisted, improved version of her recent hit “feel something” that features rapper Aminé. His verse adds a vibey cherry-on-top to this electro-pop call into the void.

The third track, “forever is a lie”, takes a dark perspective on love, with Miller singing “You cut through my legs and my heart just to get another piece of me.” Jessie Reyez listeners will love how Miller’s voice reaches its raspy limits in this song. 

The fourth song on the album, titled “making bad decisions”, is startlingly reminiscent of Billie Eilish’s style. In this track, Miller’s voice is sweet, wistful, gentle, and unapologetic. She apologizes for her bad decisions, saying  “the second I get bored, I switch it up.” This song is on repeat for me, and I recommend it to everyone who wants to add some music-induced chills to their day.

The fifth song on Miller’s “elated!” switches the mood up. It is a love song, wherein Miller is so happy with a person that she realizes that she never wants to die. That’s why this song is called “i never wanna die”, and puts a modern, almost depressing twist on the pop love song. This song goes out to all the high school sweethearts, discovering love for the first time. 

The sixth song “wisdom teeth”, has been out for a while, but we are far from tired of it. “wisdom teeth” has a back-and-forth electro-pop vibe, perfect for the car (but be careful not to tap your foot that’s on the gas). This song is bouncy and vibey, with memorable lyrics. 

The seventh and last song on “elated!”, entitled “self crucify”, is a sobering end to the album- somehow both depressing and full of love. Miller reminds her listeners to not “self crucify”, or blame and punish themselves. It is a piano ballad, calming, and full of life.

You can find Miller’s new album on most streaming services, including Spotify. You can also find info on Miller’s life and projects on her Twitter @beamiller or her Instagram under the same handle.