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Getting into the fall spirit

Dominick Ferreira
Trees change into their autumnal outfits.

My absolute favorite season is fast approaching! Trees are already beginning to change colors, and the weather is beginning to get cooler and cooler. We are starting to get our jackets and scarves out while we pack away our bathing suits and sandals. Fall in Boston is one of my most favorite things: It is stunning to see the trees engulfed with bright red, orange, and brown leaves. Being a Florida girl, the landscape up here during fall is breathtaking. The weather is so amazing, as it’s neither too warm nor too cold. And although it is bittersweet that summer is gone, fall is here, and there is so much to do to get into the fall spirit!

There are tons of fun activities to partake in to get into the seasonal spirit, while also being mindful of social distancing and staying safe during this pandemic. Many people have already been taking trips to apple and pumpkin farms. Some farms nearby include Brooksby Farm in Peabody and Dowse Orchards in Sherborn. Most farms that are open during this time are doing both apple-picking and pumpkin-picking, so either one of these activities can get you into the fall spirit. While at these farms, you can also indulge in drinks and treats that they may serve. For example, I recently went apple picking with my family at Smolak Farms in North Andover, and we were able to buy apple cider donuts and some iced apple cider. Both of these were delicious! 

Furthermore, getting your closet organized for the season change can not only be helpful for you but can also get you excited for fall. Getting your summer clothes out and all put away can help with space in your room and closet. I love to shop when the seasons change, so this helps me create more space to buy more clothes. I love to go fall shopping at places like H&M, Forever 21, Primark and so on. Buying a new cute chunky sweater or a pair of polished comfy boots always gets me into the fall mood. A lot of stores have already switched out their summer clothing for fall pieces, or if they haven’t already, they have begun the process 

Moreover, another thing that is guaranteed to get me into the season spirit is baking seasonal treats. My sister and I love to bake together, and we love to experiment with recipes around this time of year. I personally love pumpkin-flavored treats for fall. Recently, my sister and I tried a new pumpkin-flavored chocolate chip cookie recipe, I have included the link at the end of this article (1). To add a little extra something to these cookies, we decided to add a handful of chopped pecans, and we also sprinkled the slightest bit of cinnamon and brown sugar on top to enhance their pumpkin flavor. They were so delicious! We were able to eat these yummy cookies while watching one of my favorite Halloween movies, Coraline, which brings me to my last tip to get into the fall spirit. As we approach Halloween, I have begun binging Halloween movies to get me into a spooky mood. These types of films never fail to get me into the seasonal spirit. I absolutely love horror, and look forward to my Halloween binge year round! 

All in all, although we are amidst a pandemic, there are still so many ways that we can get into the fall spirit. To get yourself more into the Halloween spirit, I recommend taking a look at my fellow writer Katrina Sanville’s article that goes over ways to still celebrate Halloween, even with social distancing guidelines and COVID-19 rules and protocols. 

  1. https://sallysbakingaddiction.com/pumpkin-chocolate-chip-cookies/