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Coffee Shop Review


Latte art that you might see at The Thinking Cup cafe.

This week, I am reviewing my favorite coffee shop in Boston. The Thinking Cup, with its three locations, has the best atmosphere and coffee in town. I may be biased, as this is the place that I first really got into coffee, but I do enjoy a classic latte from there.

My favorite location of the three is the one in the North End. Across from Modern Pastries, it is in a perfect people watching location. When you walk in, it is narrow and cozy and there is a milk and sugar station to the left along with some window seating. The tables are covered with old newspapers under glass and the style of the whole shop is very 1940s. The counter continues along the same wall as the milk and sugar station, and on your journey to the register you can find all different pastries, as well as freshly squeezed juices. My favorite treat to get is their chocolate chip cookie. It is a multigrain cookie, with chocolate chunks and sea salt sprinkled on top. It is the perfect combination of sweet and salty and pairs nicely with any warm drink. But, if you happen to be at the North End location, I also enjoy switching it up and picking up a cannoli to enjoy with my coffee instead. The other locations are on Tremont Street across from Boston Common and on Newbury Street. These two places are much more busy and don’t have a lot of space to sit down, contrary to the North End spot.
The menu consists of Stumptown Coffee products, which are originally out of Portland, Oregon, and are widely known competitors to George Howell coffee, as well as other high end coffee brands. They have everything from a honey cinnamon latte with original maple syrup to french hot chocolate that is 64 percent Tainori Valhrona Drinking Chocolate.
Their food is just as good as their beverage selection as well. Breakfast burritos made from your choice of sausage, bacon, ham or chorizo with egg, salsa, black beans, and pepper-jack cheese on a flour tortilla. They also have a Jittery Hen sandwich made from Stumptown coffee braised chicken, house-made BBQ sauce, pickles, and smoked gruyere cheese on sourdough bread. And those are just a couple of their options.

My favorite thing to order is a caramel latte, whether it be hot or iced, as both options are great. I like the iced a little bit better, because it is still a great latte flavor, just cold, unlike some iced lattes which can taste like coffee flavored milk. I have also tried their iced coffee, which is great with a splash of milk, and my friends really enjoy their chai tea lattes.

I would suggest stopping by the next time you are near one of these areas. It is a great coffee shop with an adorable atmosphere. My favorite part about the shops is that they don’t have free wi-fi, which I know for some people sounds like a nightmare. But I see it as a blessing in disguise; it opens you up to pay attention to who you are with and your surroundings.