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A Graduate’s Guide to Summer


The Boston Public Garden.

The end of the semester is coming up fast, and with graduation season approaching, students are finding themselves with more free time than they know what to do with. The weather is getting warmer, the sun is shining brighter, and the free time we all craved during the semester will, eventually, turn to pure boredom. Even if boredom is not a word in your vocabulary, as a recent grad there are probably very many aspects about leaving school behind that are daunting. After all, you’ve spent the past several years in school, seeing your friends every day, taking classes with one another, living with your family and your friends.

What about getting a job, you might ask? Many UMass Boston students, myself included, have had to maintain jobs in order to pay their rent, pay for classes, and put themselves through school, or for many other reasons. If, again, you’re like me and your main source of income comes from an on-campus job, then the thought of having to go through the experience of interviewing and finding another job may worm its way into your brain and potentially ruin your summer. Trading in the lifestyle you’ve grown accustomed to in college for something that you’ve never experienced can be quite frightening. However, I’m here to tell you that you cannot let this major change stop you from living up what is potentially your last true summer of freedom.

This summer, dear graduates, should grant you the opportunity to go out and explore everything you’ve always wanted, but never got the chance to because of all those pesky assignments. Buy a one way ticket somewhere and just have your own adventure. Go hiking, bike riding, skating, blading, and just about anything that gets you out of the house. Discover new coffee shops, new stores hidden away in parts of the city you’ve never been to. Go visit other cities if you have the opportunity!

Not an outdoorsy type of person? No problem! Take this summer to travel, if not physically, then mentally—read as many books as you can. If books aren’t your thing, then watch as many movies as you’d like. Learn a new craft. Reinvent yourself so that when you emerge into the world in pursuit of your wildest dreams, it will be as someone you’re proud of, or someone you’ve always wanted to be. Take this summer to do all the things you never got the opportunity to do.

Remember that, while you’re now an adult, you’re still allowed to be young at heart. Live it up while you can and, even if the student loans collection monster is looming right around the corner, and the thought of having to find a nice apartment before you end up living back home in mom’s basement, or crushing an interview, landing that dream job, and kickstarting your career, remember that you’re still allowed to be young and free. While this does sound very cheesy, I find that cheesiness, accompanied by rolled eyes and annoyed giggles and all, makes the world just that much brighter. Take this summer to grow as bright as you can, because the world has seemingly grown dark. Use your experiences from your time spent at UMass Boston or at any other schools  and all they’ve provided you with to shine bright and make the world a better place.