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Lipton Tea’s Website Review

In America, there is one kind of tea that seems to take over compared to the rest of the teas. Almost everyone knows their name and has had a cup of their tea at least once in their life. I am talking about the Lipton Tea Company. When you open their website, it is very colorful and bright! It made the whole brand seem playful and it reminded me of fun summer days with my friends. Then, when you press the “about” page it brings you to this poem that tells you about the tea company and how they want to make the most amazing tea they can. The poem also mentions that they opened in 1880 and that they sell their tea in over 150 countries. It was honestly really cute and made me want to know more about the company.

Another fun part of the website, which I did not expect to find, was a list of recipes that you can make using their tea! They had things such as an Iced Berry Chai, Pina Tea-la da, a Citrus Iced Tea Punch, and quite a few different kinds of recipes. They tell you how many each batch of tea is going to serve and they tell you how long it should take to make it.

Another thing I would like to note is that both the hot teas and iced teas have different websites which I found kind of strange and made it a little harder for me to find what I wanted but nonetheless I was excited to find the TEA! They have sections dedicated to black tea, English tea, herbal teas, and a section called perfect tea pairing which caught my eye. This section is all about teaching you how to pair the right cup of tea with your meal. They compared it to pairing a cup of wine with your meal to enhance the flavor. I had never heard of people doing that, so as I read on I learned which teas go well with what kind of food. Black teas come in three different categories along with the food they go well with. Fruity black teas go well with creamy desserts, smokey black teas go well with blackened meat and sweet chocolate, and earthy black teas go well with very rich food like jerky chicken or gravy-based dishes. I won’t go into too much detail about this, but there was a lot of other options as well and I definitely plan on trying some of these flavor pairings.

After I looked at what groupings on tea Lipton offered, I went over to the part of the website where you could actually buy the tea. There was a lot more on here than what you would find in your local grocery store and they even had a checkbox section where you could narrow down your search. On the downside, I went to go buy some tea, and it told me I had to get it on Amazon and it ended up not even being available on Amazon. So, even though they have a tea listed, it does not mean that you will be able to buy it.

Overall, I think Lipton is a really good tea company that offers a lot of flavors and variety. They had a lot more than I thought they would and I am excited to write articles about their tea in the future!