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February 26, 2024
An inside look at Bobby B. Beacon’s insides. Illustrated by Bianca Oppedisano/ Mass Media Staff.
Bobby's Inside Story
February 26, 2024

UHall’s Art Exhibit

UHall Art Exhibit

The new University Hall Art Gallery is currently hosting ”Monster A,” an exhibition by Victoria Fu and Matt Rich, that contains abstract art, consisting primarily of aprons with printed designs. The space is small, but there’s no doubt they make the most of it. Aprons are hung up on all the different walls, all of varying sizes. One has two large straps while another has a massive string that is pinned up on the wall next to it, coming back down to lay on the ground in a pile. There’s one crumpled together in a ball and one draped gently over a wall, landing on a stage.

The colors are extremely beautiful, vivid, bright, and full of energy. Some of the aprons are multi-colored, with bright oranges and reds and blues being a key favorite, while others have prints on them.

The aprons aren’t the only type of medium used in this exhibition, either. Placed on the very tops of the walls where they could easily be missed if someone were to glance inside quick, are neon lights, yellow and white fluorescent colors, twisted into different shapes. They serve as a good contrast to the aprons around them.

One of the most striking things about the pieces–something that people should see in person to truly appreciate–is how lifelike some of the printings on the aprons are. In one, a hand reaches across the middle of the fabric. In another, what appears to be leaves stretch across the bottom, and seem so real that it gives the impression of being tangible.

One of the can’t-miss parts of the exhibition, according to Faith Speredelozzi, who works at the gallery, is the main stage they have set up immediately at the beginning of the gallery. The artists have draped a massive orange apron over it. It really sets the scene for the entire gallery and serves as a good starting point for those visiting.

There is also an interactive element to this particular exhibition in the gallery as well. There are more pieces of the gallery that are hung next to the desk, and if guests ask, they are allowed to try them on.

The gallery has new hours that stretch from late morning to late afternoon, letting anyone come before or after class, or even if they just have a break in their schedule. Speredelozzi says that the best time to come, in order to avoid any crowds or simply if you don’t have enough time during the week to attend, is the weekends.
The gallery is also hosting a reception on Oct. 21 from 3–5 p.m., where there will also be a performance that is going to utilize the art pieces. The hours specifically for the gallery are from 12–6 p.m. throughout the week, including the weekend. Monster A is going to be showing in the gallery until Oct. 26.