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Kyle Liu, a student at UMass Boston, wearing a sleek, all-black look.

Sitting inside the Campus Center cafeteria, Kyle Liu, a current student of the University of Massachusetts Boston, could be seen laughing and talking to his friends. He was wearing a black pea coat, black jeans, and black boots. Liu gets a lot of his clothes on matchesfashion.com. This is the exact site he purchased his coat from. Although he doesn’t recall where he bought his pants, he does remember that he got his boots from Prada.  

“If I go into the store to see the clothes, it wastes my time,” confessed Liu. He said he strongly prefers online shopping due to his lack of free time. On the off chance that he does shop at a store, htends to go to Newbury Street, with no particular brands in mind.   

“I decide if I have time to choose what I wear. Usually I wake up very late so I don’t have time to choose,” said Liu. Liu usually doesn’t dress this fancy, preferring to wear “whatever, but evidently had some extra time today, resulting in a polished and professional look.