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Police Blotter 1/16/2018-1/22/2018

UMass Police Blotter


4:16 a.m. 

UMass Department of Public Safety (DPS) officers were called by Bank of America who stated that one of their ATMs on campus had lost connection. An officer went to the location and found that the machine was on and there appeared to be no evidence of tampering.


10:55 a.m.

A woman came to the DPS office to report that a unidentified male party had been harassing her via social media. The female reported that the harassment started in October 2017. The woman told officers that she had over 100 messages from the same man. The woman stated that she had blocked him, but that the man had created an alias and continued to harass her. The woman told officers that the man’s Instagram name was JamesHuck62. Officers searched WISER and could not find any student by the name of James Huck.