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Police Blotter: Mar. 6, 2011


Friday, February 25th

11:48 AM, McCormack Building: A young lady called the station, she was faint and lightheaded. She was 23 weeks pregnant. She eventually lost consciousness. 911 was called and an ambulance transported her to Brigham and Women’s hospital for treatment.

9:18 PM, McCormack Building: Suspicious person was called in to security at this late hour. The party was sleeping in the Ryan Lounge – found out it was someone who works in Upward Bound was just waiting around for someone to show up.

Monday, February 28th

4:11 PM, Short Term Lot: an MBTA bus parked, blocking the handicapped ramp of the Short Term Lot between McCormack and Wheatley. The bus moved as soon as the police cruiser arrived.

Tuesday, March 1st

11:07 AM, McCormack Building: A young lady was crying in the lab and wasn’t responding to anyone who tried to speak to her. So, they called it in and she was transported to Children’s Hospital for evaluation.

5:23 PM, Lot C: A car struck the toll booth of this lot, damaging the booth. The party (Yanique A Thomas – 24) who was operating the vehicle was charged with Negligent Operation of a Motor Vehicle. She managed to knock the entire booth off the concrete slab upon which it sits. The booth was decommissioned for a day.

5:30 PM, Bianculli Boulevard: While the campus police was waiting for an ambulance to arrive at the scene of the former incident (there was a possibility that the individual in the booth was injured) an officer witnessed two cars coming up the road way stop. The two individuals in the car got out and started fighting. The female operator of one of the vehicles was arrested for domestic abuse, as she began striking her boyfriend (the male operator of the other vehicle) and chasing him around the cars.

Wednesday, March 2nd

5:17 PM, Healey Library: A party in the library wanted to rent a laptop. The party, having a hold on his record, was not allowed to rent a laptop. He became agitated and was yelling. Security was called and everyone was calmed down.

Thursday, March 3rd

6:30 PM, Campus Center: An officer while patrolling the Campus Center came upon Harold Morris (56) of Roxbury Massachusetts who was a known trespasser (having been spotted and warned on at least four other occasions). He was arrested for trespassing on state property.