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February 26, 2024
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February 26, 2024

For Argument’s Sake: Mar. 29, 2011

Will he join the #1 selection bust?

For Arguments Sake: Cam Newton should NOT be picked 1st overall


Since the year 1983, fifteen quarterbacks have been taken number 1 overall.  Drafting a quarterback is far from a near science anyways (Tom Brady, 6th round?), but picking one with the first overall pick can either elevate your franchise like Sam Bradford did last year for the St. Louis Rams, or crumble your franchise like JaMarcus Russell did in his time with the Oakland Raiders. Only five of the last fifteen quarterbacks drafted have won a Superbowl, while the same number, five, of quarterbacks have never been to the playoffs. All of that being said, Cam Newton should not even be a thought when it comes to deciding who the Carolina Panthers will take number 1 overall. Newton, a early entry into the draft, only had one good season. True, he won the Heisman and a National Championship but he has done nothing before that. He sat at Florida before transferring to a junior college, where he dominated. That is great and all, but junior college is not the same. Players like Tim Couch had two outstanding seasons at Kentucky, was also a junior, and was despicable in the NFL.  Same with David Carr. Carr was a two year starter at Fresno St. with one mediocre year and one dominating year. What is Carr now? Nothing but a backup. Cam Newton has a lot of skill, but is no lock to be a superstar. He has the make up of Donovan McNabb but not enough development and not as smart. Auburn had a very elementary playbook with many plays similar to each other.  If Carolina was smart, they would avoid the headache that comes with Newtons name and pick a player who is more of a guarantee.


For Arguments Sake: Cam Newton SHOULD be picked 1st overall


Although he will not be the first selection in the NFL draft this April, Cam Newton certainly deserves it. He is a once in a generation athlete. He has Michael Vick’s speed, agility in Ben Roethlisberger’s body with Drew Brees’ arm strength and accuracy. Any other year Newton would be a definite #1 overall pick. Since Carolina drafted Jimmy Clausen last year, they will most likely look to strengthen up their defensive line. Newton does have some baggage, especially his pay for play scandal this past season. In the NFL, however, you do get paid for your services, and Newton certainly deserves it. Last year at Auburn, he did everything you could want from a star quarterback. He set records, won the Heisman Trophy, and he won Auburn a national championship. Cam is a positive force on the field and constantly plays with a smile on his face. He is a fantastic locker room presence who pushes his teammates to give 100% on every down. Newton is the reason an otherwise pedestrian Auburn team went on to the BCS title. An NFL team would benefit immensely from drafting Newton. He was the sole reason Auburn overachieved so much this year. He is the ultimate X factor for a team that needs a spark. Newton can truly hurt you in a number of ways from the quarterback position, and unlike Tim Tebow, he can make all the NFL throws and his motion is consistent with other NFL quarterbacks. Newton is the kind of player who doesn’t need any bench time. He can step in instantly and take a team up a notch, and that ability is worth the risk and money that comes with the number one overall pick.