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Horoscopes 3/8/11

Aries: Don’t burn yourself out. Focus some of your energy on recalling your past experiences to gear up for the spring. You’ll need tons of momentum to get ready for the warm weather adventures you’re about to have!

Taurus: Use your natural tendency to be generous and help out that friend in need. You’re looked to for advice in more than one area of your life. Use that talent!

Gemini: Resist the urge to change your hair color yet again. That secret admirer thinks your luscious locks are beautiful just as they are.

Cancer: With your strong intuition, you have the upper hand in relationships. Listen to your inner voice when deciding if you should really reconcile with that ex-lover.

Leo: Though you don’t like to be alone, take some time to be introspective this week and recall the people who have been special in your life so far. If you remember them enough to take up space in your memories, they are there for a reason.

Virgo: You will have to deal with a difficult financial issue this week. However, one of your best attributes is the ability to problem solve. This will only be a temporary setback on your journey towards world domination.

Libra: Let your other half know how much you like those sweet reminders that you’re always being thought of. Don’t forget to appreciate their appreciation of you with a bouquet of Butterfingers.

Scorpio: You’ve been wondering if you should pursue a different major – you should. Look into the medical area and do some research on your new passion at Longwood.

Sagittarius: Your giving nature will be especially helpful to the surrounding environment this week when you  accidentally save three squirrels from being run over. Likewise, consider your passion for the environment seriously when you’re admiring the way the sun hits the Campus Center first thing in the morning and you are temporarily blinded.

Capricorn: Let loose this weekend and entrust your best friend with the responsibility of planning the fun times. You’re bound to have fun with them. After all, he/she is considered your best friend.

Aquarius: While some may say you seem detached and unemotional, you are mostly sparing them from the complex inner-workings of your psyche that are shifting all the time. Remind people that you’re awkward and they’ll open themselves up to you. Sometimes an unassuming person can become a good friend.

Pisces: You are an elusive spirit, with a strong drive for success that only your true friends will recognize as both unique and substantial. Use their positive energy to power through those 12 lab reports you have to complete in 2 hours.