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House of Blues A Must


Confetti, balloons, and flashing lights sounds like a celebration. It’s actually a DJ Girl Talk concert at the legendary House of Blues. The House Of Blues has three different viewing levels of the stage and anywhere you stand will prove to be a good vantage point. 

The ambiance of the HOB is a little bit of everything, funky, hipster, indie, and pub, with a nightclub rock ‘n’ roll theme. If you have not been to a show at the HOB yet, you should check it out. The size of HOB is the perfect combination of big and small, big enough where your not fighting for space with the sweaty guy next to you, but small enough that no matter where you stand it will feel like you have a front row view of the stage.

There is a bar at almost every level, drinks are on the expensive side so if you are planning on making it a drinking night, try to pre-game at another bar in the area or at the convenience of your own home.

Right at the beginning of the show Girl Talk came on stage with this intense amount of energy. Following Girl Talk was a crowd of about thirty people that were picked from the audience to dance and party on stage all night with him. Girl Talk was mixing and mashing all different popular songs and within seconds your ears heard about ten songs all mixed into one, from Biggie Smalls to Nirvana to Miley Cyrus. His versatility is what makes his shows fun and easy to jump, dance, and groove to.

He was also keeping up the crowd’s energy with confetti and balloons falling throughout the show. He even had plastic guns shooting out toilet paper all over the crowd.  Everywhere I looked there were kids singing, and dancing along. At one point there was even a long clear tube with confetti in it being tossed around the standing room audience.

Besides the ambiance and good drinks, crowd interaction is key to a good show, and it certainly does help to have the occasional drop of confetti, balloons, and toilet paper across the crowd. With the response from the crowd I can vouch and say that Girl Talk is an amazing DJ and his style and versatility will continue to impress and wow the listeners.