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Not Your Typical Hip-Hop

Johnny Polygon, from the mean streets of Tulsa, Oklahoma to the high-life in LA and New York City, this artist has always known how to keep it fresh while putting an original twist on things. Catching the attention of DJ Green Lantern in 2008 with his song “Bag”, he got his first big break singing the chorus of the DJ’s song “Price on Your Head” for Grand Theft Auto IV’s soundtrack. He has also worked with NAS, singing the chorus to his song “Black President” and Kid Cudi, making a cameo in his music video “Pursuit of Happiness.” Kid Cudi has praised Johnny saying, “He is one of the illest artists people NEED to know about.”

After listening to his sampler, I full-heartedly agree. The tracks are full of songs that you not only can dance to but also chill out with after a long day. His music is not only catchy but also original and clever. His lyrics will make you laugh and keep you coming back for more.

What were your musical influences while growing up?

My influences Range from all sorts of stuff from the Beatles to Britney spears. Britney just has this like I don’t give a fuck attitude, it’s pretty amazing, it’s Britney, bitch. I also listened to The New Kids on the Block way after they weren’t cool anymore

How would you compare your music with other artist’s?

I try not to compare myself, I just let it be and whatever happens happen.

How would you describe your experience working with artists like NAS, Kid Cudi, and Dj Green Lantern, where you at all intimidated?

They were incredibly casual experiences. When I was on the other side of things it seemed like whenever a big deal happened, it should just feel like it you know? But there wasn’t any time for nerves. I was more nervous after the fact thinking, “Oh my god what is this going to sound like when it comes out.” It’s different in the moment.

You talk a lot about finding fresh looks at thrift stores. Do you have any thrift store shopping advice for poor college students?

Go for whatever you’re comfortable in and what a girl would still get with you in. Be comfortable and make it work… I believe that’s called style (British accent).

Have you ever played at a college before?

Yes! I love playing colleges, that’s like my favorite. I’ve played Oklahoma University, UCLA, just all over the place; I’d love to play UMASS. In fact we should make that happen.

This is a commuter campus, so there’s little sense of community, having you come would be great getting people together.

Yeah definitely, it’s all about fellowship at my concerts.

Your YouTube videos are hilarious, have you ever considered pursuing a career in comedy?

You know, not really. I’m sort of dabbling in the comedic jacuzzi; I haven’t jumped in yet, too many kids in there.

You live in both LA and New York, how would you compare the two cities?

It’s apples and oranges, and I just really love fruit you know? Most artists and musicians I know are in New York and LA, can’t have one without the other.

What is in your musical future?

Probably touring and debuting the “album.” I’ll probably do another mixtape and then start working on it.

Do you have any final thoughts?

I love my fans and students at UMASS especially for, hopefully, bringing me into this rager we’re about to throw!


You can buy Johnny Polygon’s music on iTunes and keep you eyes peeled for his potential appearance on campus.