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Green Solutions to community problems


Green solutions to community problems are a holistic approach to living: mind, body, and soul. The first environment that we must take care of is the most immediate one; our body. Most major religions say to treat our bodies as a temple, so we know smoking, drinking, and excessive fatty foods are out.

But many African-Americans say that access to quality food, products, and businesses means driving long distances and paying double what they might normally spend. I don’t believe that is fair.

We must first rebuild our communities with knowledge of self as well as these disparities. Green Jobs also better the community and empowers the people doing the work.

In a world where sea levels are rising and more and more diseases and cancers are affecting our communities, we must address poverty and our environment together. For too long have we relied on quick fixes.

I’m neither an environmental nut nor a green technology expert, but I believe that green thinking can solve both these glaring problems.

In most inner cities you see a growing gap between rich and poor and a shrinking middle class. With the cost of food and energy going up along with earth’s population, no longer can we address problems with quick solutions. We need permanent ones.

What I would love to see is a city that embraces green as a solution to community problems. Violence and crime are always found in areas with few opportunities, health disparities, and environmental hazards.

I would like to see rooftop gardens, more open space that encourages community involvement and interaction. I would love to see more community owned businesses and developments that are not just okayed by the powers that be but by the people of that community. I would love to see more socially conscious products and establishments in Dorchester. I would love to see farmers’ markets in every neighborhood of Boston. I would also ask that the Southeast Expressway or any major highways or roads (i.e. Blue Hill Avenue) find ways to take cars off the road either by mass transit or by putting them underground.

And I would love to see renewable energy become affordable for all residents, but in the meantime education on how community members can organize energy co-ops.

I believe to gain any support for these initiatives we must raise awareness. People are worried about a hot and crazy summer, because there are not enough youth jobs. The real goal should be to create sustainable jobs for people in these communities so that they can provide for themselves and loved ones in the right way. Green jobs are a way out of poverty and can solve many of the problems facing urban neighborhoods.