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Horoscopes 19th April

Aries: One of your primary weaknesses is that you can be a little impulsive at times. Use this to your advantage and spring a surprise date to a comedy show on your significant other.

Taurus: It’s almost your birthday! Use your weakness of sometimes being self-indulging by treating yourself to a celebratory manicure this week, regardless of your gender.

Gemini: You can be indecisive at times, which stresses you out especially during homework-laden times like these. When searching for a topic for your next paper, stick to your instincts.

Cancer: The tendency to be somewhat oversensitive is not unique to your sign, however, you should keep it in mind when delivering that class presentation this week. Take constructive criticism and use it to your advantage.

Leo: You tend to be melodramatic at times, separating people into polarized categories. You might be missing out on a great friendship by doing this.

Virgo: While your skepticism is valued by your true friends, sometimes you need to embrace things as they are, for the sake of harmony.

Libra: Some may see you as unreliable, but we both know that your tendency to be a little late at times is due to that permanent hole in your book bag that is constantly causing you to forget essential things.

Scorpio: Jealousy is perhaps your most detrimental characteristic, however, with experience you learn that you are just as valuable as everyone else. Repeat this to yourself this week when you suspect infidelity.

Sagittarius: You may be seen as unemotional at times, but it is only your way of processing all that’s going on. Remind your friends this week of your tendency to detach during times of stress.

Capricorn: Though you can seem conceited when you’re uncomfortable, it is a defense mechanism specific to your sign. Take heed when at a dive bar this week; that cutie checking you out will want to see past your façade.

Aquarius: While rebelliousness may not seem like a weakness to you, your tendency to go against the grain can get you in trouble if you don’t adhere to the rules. Let your rebellion take rule on that paper you have to write.

Pisces: You can be seen as an escapist sometimes, however, some people would love to be able to tune out the noise of the world as easily as you do. Take this to note this week when you are lounging on the Common with your best friend, and convince her to smell the roses.