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March 4, 2024
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February 26, 2024
An inside look at Bobby B. Beacon’s insides. Illustrated by Bianca Oppedisano/ Mass Media Staff.
Bobby's Inside Story
February 26, 2024

Lacrosse Optimistic Despite Shaky Start


The Beacon Lacrosse team has a record of 3-6 overall for the season. The numbers may look lackluster, but watching the Beacons in the field reveals an aggressive and determined team that is improving with each bout.

This is evidenced by the change in scores of their first two games compared to the latter three. Clearly the Beacons learned some lessons by losing to Salve Regina 21-7 and Babson Park 22-2. What they learned in defeat they used to trounce Wheelock 23-3. Though they lost 10-4 to Clark University, the game was much more contentious than their previous defeats. Last Thursday’s victory over Emerson 14-7 especially shows that Beacons are a competitive team, not to be overlooked as a contender for the Little East title.

In the game against Emerson, the Beacons showed aggression and deft offensive ability. They had good communication and responded impressively to commands shouted from the coaches.

Head Coach Tyler Low commented on how cooperative play led to victory after the game. “Everyone did their jobs, there was no individual or selfish play.” Beacons offensive play was solid, allowing them to out muscle Emerson and win most of the face-offs.

The contest was heated, peppered with heavy exchanges of sticks, and furious sortie for control of the ball. A particularly thrilling moment occurred when Beacons’ Dean Driscoll sprinted downfield, pursued doggedly by an Emerson player, and ran through a barrage of blows finally raising an elbow into the opponent’s helmet.

Witnessing this, and several other incidents of harassment, prompted me to inquire as to how the Beacons stay focused on scoring rather than the person smacking them.


“We try to establish a culture of putting team over self,” Coach Low explained, “which means players aren’t willing to jeopardize spending time in the penalty box for unnecessary retaliation. Players who are playing at the collegiate level have typically become accustomed to the physical play. So, having the mental toughness not to retaliate in those types of situations is something we pride ourselves on”.


Regrettably, the young Beacons team suffered losses away from home at he hands of Salem State and MIT. The Beacons problems in those games stemmed from their inability to get the ball in the net. While they played hard, they simply got out-scored by these more experienced teams.

Back on their own turf, the Beacons’ strong defense stonewalled Maritime. The whole team communicated well to keep Maritime from rallying, especially goalie Anthony Fitti who had 13 saves. Each stop deflated Maritimes morale and snuffed any rally hopes. One particularly impressive save came as two unchallenged Maritime players charged toward Fitti. Fittie commented on this impressive stop after the game. “When I see them coming in two on one, I look for my defense to make a play. But, if they make that pass across, I just try to make my self as big as possible, take up as much net as I can and block the shot with anything.”

It seems that away from home the Beacons don’t have the traction to get a grip on victory, losing 21-2 to Mansfield.

Coach Low fully expects the team to do well this season. When asked how he defined a successful season he said, “winning the Little East Conference.” 

One factor hampering the Beacons success may be their relative lack of experience. Coach Low emphasized the need for the 19 freshman players on the team to “step up and be leaders.” Clearly a lot is being expected of these freshmen. Time will tell if they have what it takes or if they’ll have to take another, more experienced run at the title next season.