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Building on Involvement


The ambitious Agnes Lusse is looking to lead students into the future and her first step is running for the Student Trustee position on the Student Senate Board.

Originally from Uganda, Lusse is looking to take herself to the top of academia as a student in the History department. As a political entity, she hopes to bring the concerns, desires, and needs of the student body to the forefront of her agenda as trustee. Thus, this Harvard Graduate School hopeful has a lot of hard work in front of her and she is hopeful that she will get the votes she needs to earn the position of Student Trustee for UMB.

When asked why she is running for the Student Trustee position Lusse answered, “I like to help and this is one way I can help others.” Lusse is looking to get the collective body of UMB’s students involved by helping them to initiate and interact with the school as a whole.

This goal actually puts her agenda in synchrony with the presidential and vice presidential candidates. Both tickets have expressed the same desire for student unity time and time again. This co-agenda will likely strengthen her operation as a trustee and the president and vice president’s operations. 

“I want to get voices heard. If someone has something to say I want them to come and tell us so someone can help them achieve whatever they want to achieve,” said Lusse, again stressing her desire to involve the student body.

Lusse is looking for UMB to become a stronger facilitator of students and their goals. Historically the USG has not been familiar territory for the student body at large. In fact, many students don’t even know what “USG” stands for (Undergraduate Student Government). Lusse recognizes this weakness and is looking to rectify it.

“I’d like to see some teachers work better with students, guide them better. I think that’s lacking in some places and I’d like to see it improve,” Lusse specified. That’s one thing the entire student body shares. While we may be an incredibly diverse bunch, we are all at the most basic level students. Lusse hopes to build upon this common ground.

While she’s not new to the campaigning process, she realizes the difficulty of getting UMBstudents involved, “People are busy.” Lusse continued. “It’s hard to get someone to stop and talk because [students] are running between classes.” However, Lusse believes she is up to the challenge.