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March 4, 2024
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February 26, 2024
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February 26, 2024

What to Wear on Cupid’s Holiday

  It is the morning of February 14th, your significant other has planned a great night for the two of you. But instead of thinking, “Tonight is going to be so much fun!”, the question that keeps clouding your mind is, “What am I going to wear?” Don’t panic. Here are three possible Valentine’s Day dates and  suggestions about how to dress for each.



Making Dinner and Watching Movies: Valentine’s Day falls on a Monday this year. After a weekend of partying and a full day classes, the only thing you want to do is snuggle up with your love and watch some classic films, after cooking a meal togeher. But this does not mean pajamas are  a legitimate  wardrobe choice. Instead try a colorful tank with some dark sweat pants cut like jeans. Finish off the look with some heart shaped earrings or a long heart pendant necklace.


A Night at the Theater: Boston is brimming with theaters were you and your  datecan enjoy an exciting play or musical. A stimulating night at the theater is a perfect way to impress your brainy date.  Your outfit  for the night should be classically chic. Nothing says classy and elegant like the little black dress. To make your dress a bit more unique, pair it with a chunky, statement necklace.Whether they are patterned tights or colorful ones, make sure your legs are kept toasty warm. Add some black pumps or kitten heels and a colorful winter jacket. Accompany your jacket with a chunky scarf and matching gloves. A sequin, heart purse found at Forever 21 is the perfect accessory to complete your look.


Dancing:  This year, Boston’s Ballroom Dance Center located in Newton, MA is having a Valentine’s dance party. Dancing is a sexy way to hold  on you  sweetheart and show them how much you care. If you go, your outfit should allow you to move freely when you dance. You want to avoid body hugging clothing and jeans. Instead, wear a red or pink dress that is a tighter around the bust and flairs out on the bottom. Heels are a must however,you must be able to move in them. Try some three inch high Mary Jane heels. For jewelry, add some chunky, gold bangles and a pair a gold, drop earrings.


Regardless of whichever date you choose, spending time with your significant other is the most important thing. Whether you are in a ball gown or leggings and a tank top, you will look magnificent in their eyes no matter what outfit you wear.