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Take the Money and Run

UMB offers a load of free activities on and off campus to any student with a valid UMB ID. This list ranks these awesome benefits in order of price.

5. Your ID eliminates the sales tax in the cafeteria

Savings: approximately $6.50 a month

While the sales tax seems minuscule (around 31 cents for a $5.00 lunch) it adds up if you eat at the cafeteria 5 days a week and can come to a savings of $26.00 per semester just by flashing your ID to the cashier. They do not assume you are a student just because you are on campus so you need to make a point of showing you student ID (with a valid sticker).

4. Free admission to the JFK library

Savings: $12.00 per visit

For all you history buffs out there this is a no brainer. Not only is this popular exhibit steps away from campus center, it is a fantastic display of one of the most interesting times in American history. The museum begins with a film about Kennedy’s pre presidential life, stopping at the 1960 campaign against Richard Nixon. The rest of the museum are exhibits showing Kennedy’s election and term in the White House. It’s a popular tourist destination in Boston that most have to pay to see.

3. Free admission to the MFA Boston

Savings: $20.00 per visit

The MFA is the most popular and most expansive art museum in Boston. The museum offers free admission Wednesday and Thursday nights, but if you’d like to go any other time bring your ID.

2. A free membership to the Beacon Fitness Center

Savings: $60.00 a month

The fitness industry is huge. It seems as though everyone has a gym membership these days. More and more colleges are putting in fitness centers for their students to use in between classes, and they are gaining popularity. The Beacon Fitness Center on the first floor of McCormack is a sprawling gym with mostly new equipment as well as locker rooms and racquetball courts, it is a fantastic place to kill time between classes while killing calories. You need to go to the fitness center and ask for an application at the front desk, after you fill that out a sticker will be placed on your ID allowing you to go as much as you want free of charge.

1. Free daily ice-time at the Clark Athletic Center rink

Savings: $100.00-$500.00 or more per month

Anyone who has ever given serious thought to playing hockey realizes the immense costs it takes to play. Along with expenses such as sticks, skates, and pads, ice time is one of the most necessary things to be successful at hockey. Rinks charge a fortune for ice time, especially private or team times, and the cost is reflected in the price to join a team. The Clark Athletic center boasts a regulation sized rink, and when the men’s and women’s hockey teams are not practicing students are allowed to skate on the rink for free. The schedule is subject to change but for now every day from 11:30 AM-1 PM the teams are off the ice and students with a valid ID are welcome to skate. A schedule is posted on the door of the rink outlining the times for availability.