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For Argument’s Sake: Feb. 28, 2011

Photos of Editors by Ed Timmons
Di he do right?

Melo did the right thing

By: Jon Mael  


What ‘Melo did wasn’t selfish at all. Instead of pulling a LeBron and

leaving as a free agent at the end of the season, he asked for a trade and the Nuggets got some great pieces back in return. If the Cavs received Ray Felton, Danilo

Galinarri, and others in a trade for Lebron they probably would have

more than 12 wins at this point. Carmelo was not happy in Denver. He

clashed regularly with head coach George Karl and owner Stan Kroenke.

He always felt out of place in Denver, having been raised in Brooklyn and playing his college ball at Syracuse. Carmelo has the right to go wherever he pleases, and his dream was to play for the team he grew up routing for. Just because a team takes you doesn’t mean you are obligated to sign an extension with them. Carmelo has every right to go to a place he would be happy.

Carmelo also loves the spotlight, and Denver’s sports media pales in

comparison to New York’s legendary press. Another reason you

can’t blame Anthony for leaving is that he’s going to have a better

chance of winning a title in New York. He is joining up with Amar’e

Stoudemire and Nugget teammate Chauncey Billups. The Knicks

should be able to lure huge free agents with their “big 3”. The Knicks

have potential to be the best team in the NBA and the statement win over Miami Feb. 27 is only a glimpse of the potential this team has. Carmelo should hopefully

guide the Knicks to a title sooner rather than later.



Melo did the wrong thing

By: Andrew Otovic


The biggest story line in the NBA for the last month or so has been about now New York Knicks superstar Carmelo Anthony. It has been known for months that Anthony has wanted out of Denver and would not be happy until he wound up in the Big Apple. That being said, how this whole situation went was an utter disgrace with a huge black cloud soon to hover over the NBA. What Carmelo Anthony did was hold Denver hostage by not signing a 3-yr/$65MM contract extension and telling Denver he would not sign any extension with any team unless it was the New York Knicks. This put Denver in a tough spot because teams would not pursue a trade of Anthony knowing he wouldn’t sign. At last check, Mr. Anthony, you are under contract by the Denver Nuggets. To sit there and think you can control where you go while under contract for another team is despicable, embarrassing, and honestly makes you look like a joke. What you did was prove that not one superstar can get it done, regardless of how good they are. Your personally might have also forced the NBA to strongly consider contraction. If all the superstars go play in big markets, teams like Denver, Milwaukee, Memphis, and Charlotte have no chance to stay competitive not just on the court, but also with the rest of the teams in terms of making a profit. Selfish move by someone who was once my favorite player.