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Style Spotter: Nov. 15, 2011

Taraneh Farhangmehr

Chemistry major Taraneh Farhangmehr likes to combine comfort and style, creating a look that is both casual and hip. Adding about two inches to her height, Taraneh’s hair is her best accessory, providing a touch of wildness to the otherwise civilized style.

“I don’t look up to any particular style icons,” she said. “But I do go through phases of dressing like ‘a professional’ or ‘a man.'”

On the day we caught up with her, Taraneh was wearing her go-to pair of black jeans. To add a dash of professionalism to her outfit, she put on a button up shirt from BCBG.

“I shop at Bloomingdales, Forever 21 and Anthropologie,” she elaborated. Taraneh got her sweatshirt at a Strokes concert, but decided to wear it inside out because the band’s logo clashed with the rest of her look.

Topping everything off is a blazer from “some random local boutique” and leather boots from Bloomingdales.