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March 4, 2024
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February 26, 2024
An inside look at Bobby B. Beacon’s insides. Illustrated by Bianca Oppedisano/ Mass Media Staff.
Bobby's Inside Story
February 26, 2024

Kickin’ it With the Family


Sisters Jamie (left) and Krista (right) Ledin.




When Krista Ledin signed her letter of intent to play for UMB, coach Amy Zombeck and her staff were thrilled, as well as her players. One of the Lady Beacons in particular was delighted. Krista’s sister, Jamie, was enjoying her first semester on campus at the time. She said, “Ever since we were little we have been playing together. I’ve been playing since I was 4 years old and we played on the same town team every other year up to about age 15 or 16.”

The sisters have been the biggest contributors this year for the Beacons. Jamie has the team lead in assists (4) and Krista leads UMB with 13 goals. When asked about how playing for so long has contributed to their mutual success this year, Jamie said, “It’s easier for us [to make plays] because I know what balls she can get to with her speed and the same goes for her to me, unlike other teammates where it’s going to take a while to figure those things out.” Krista agreed. She said, “Playing with my sister is good because we have a relationship we can work off of. We’ve been playing ever since we were younger so we know how each other works.”

Ever since their days playing for Bridgewater youth teams, the girls have always been stars. Krista decided to play for UMB in early 2011, and Jamie transfered here for the last spring semester. This is their first year playing for the Beacons. They seem to have a strong connection on the pitch, even though Jamie plays defense and Krista plays forward. When asked about that connection, Krista said, “We don’t really need to communicate, we already know how each other’s play is. We work off that.” Jamie added, “When we play together up front it’s like we read each other’s minds. We know how to play very well with each other. Unfortunately the team needed someone on defense and I guess I’m the one that filled out those requirements.” She continued, “I’m still crossing my fingers halfway through the season that they will let me try out [playing up front].”

Regardless of Jamie’s position change, the ladies have still managed to work together. Krista said, “She plays defense and I play up front, but we still get assists off of each other.” Krista has been a breakout player this year for UMB and Jamie has also been enjoying huge success, and as you can imagine, their parents have been their biggest supporters. According to Jamie, when she graduates and is separated from Krista, “I think it will be more upsetting for my parents. They are at almost every game and always have been.” She added, “You will be able to spot my parents out very quickly at a game with their yelling and fake motions of when we should kick the ball. It’s kind of embarrassing that they can’t sit still.”

The Beacons don’t have to worry about the sisters splitting up anytime soon, and that means that the ladies from Bridgewater will continue to come up huge for the Beacons. The soccer team’s success this year has truly been a family affair, and it will only get better in the seasons to come.