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You Wanna Dance for Somebody?


UMB student, Nora Kelso, in the Campus Center




Nora Kelso transferred from the University of North Florida last fall. In addition to working toward a degree in psychology early education and development, Kelso has been working on involving UMB with Children’s Miracle Networks through the Dance Marathon Club.

Children’s Miracle Networks is a nation-wide charity organization that raises money for local children’s hospitals by hosting events, such as Dance Marathon. Dance Marathon clubs started forming in 1991 and have raised 15 million dollars for Children’s Miracle Networks.

The Dance Marathon Club will host its dance marathon on Dec. 3 starting 8 a.m. The money they raise will be given to Boston Children’s Hospital. The event will consist of 16 hours of dancing, music and style of dance will vary and some other games and activities will be mixed in, but no sitting is allowed. Potential dancers can register at www.helpmakemiracles.org/event/umbdm. There, they can set up a profile and encourage people to pledge for them. The event will be held in the Campus Center’s third floor Ballroom’s. Non-UMB students are welcome to attend.

Nora Kelso’s work with Children’s Miracle Networks and Dance Marathon first began at the University of North Florida where she had been part of the program for two years.

“That was my first question during my UMB orientation – do you have Dance Marathon? And of course I got a lot of strange looks, but I decided then to bring it to UMB.”

Kelso has always wanted to work with children and says that Dance Marathon gives the participants a chance to meet the people they are trying to help. She said, “You get to meet people and hear their stories and it gives you a sense that you are making a difference.”

Kelso’s desire to start a Dance Marathon Club was supported by Student Activities. “I went to the Student Activities desk and was introduced to Shelby Harris, director of Student Activities and Leadership. She explained to me the process of establishing a club, the 15 member minimum requirement, the establishing of bylaws, the formation of a budget… all things that were very new to me and done a lot differently than what I was used to.”

Kelso also received early support from fellow transfer student Morgan Berg, who is currently enrolled in the College of Nursing. Berg explained, “Kelso and I became friends last year. One day we talking about Dance Marathon and I jumped in as Vice President and we started brainstorming as to how to put it together. All props to Nora though. Without her, none of us would even know Dance Marathon exists.”


So You Want to Dance?

  • To register, go to www.helpmakemiracles.org/event/umbdm and click on the register now! button.
  • On the registration page, select dancer. You can make your own team or register as an individual and then continue on with the registration.
  • Use a credit or debit card to pay your $10 registration fee.
  • Raising money is VERY simple and anyone can donate under your name.