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March 4, 2024
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February 26, 2024
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Bobby's Inside Story
February 26, 2024

Goodbye, Dean Glazer

Glazer is leaving UMB for the Univesity of Cincinnati.

Glazer is leaving UMB for the Univesity of Cincinnati.

Dean Greer Glazer will end her seven-year tenure at UMB this October. Under Glazer’s leadership, the College of Nursing and Health Sciences expanded its curriculum to include an accelerated BS in nursing, a Doctor of Nursing Practice, a Nursing Post-Doctoral Program, and three new Exercise and Health Sciences tracks. She also started initiatives abroad, in Kenya, South Korea, Honduras, Cambodia, Scotland, and Israel.

Glazer also helped develop GoKids Boston, a program for children whose mission statement is to “improve children’s lives through fitness, education, role modeling and supportive relationships.” GoKids partners with schools, community centers, hospitals and other non-profit programs in and around Boston.

The the College of Nursing and Health Sciences also saw large gains in enrollment and research funding during Dean Glazer’s time, with over 2,000 enrolled this semester.

Glazer is particularly proud of the high graduation rates at the college, and the fact that most graduates are able to find jobs in a tough market.

“We are ranked 9th in the country for hires after graduating,” Glazer said in an interview. “Not only do we produce a lot of nurses, but we produce high quality nurses that are very competitive in the jobs market. People want to hire our nurses because they are the best.”

Glazer also praised her colleagues. “It was very rewarding to work with a group of dedicated, like-minded people,” she said. “Together we were able to accomplish a lot and really build a better program for our students.”

Last year, UMB’s college of Nursing and Health Sciences was ranked 50th out of 804 similar colleges from institutions across the country.

Glazer said her experience at UMB would be invaluable in her future job as the Dean of the College of Nursing at the University of Cincinnati.

“Everything I learned here, I will carry on with me. This has been the best professional experience of my life.”