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Top 5 Must Haves for Winter 2011

  Living in New England means always being subject to Mother Nature’s mood swings. Most of us probably feel like the only thing we should be wearing during the winter is our comfy yoga pants and sweatshirt. WRONG! While cozying up in sweats can seem like an easy clothing choice, I have come up with five simple clothing must haves for these chilly months. Textured tights: These are an inexpensive and fun way to jazz up a pair of shorts or mini dress. They come in an array of colors and patterns and will keep your legs stylish and warm. Best place to purchase? American Apparel.

Leopard: Go wild! I do not mean walk out of your door dressed in head to toe jungle print. Gentle touches of leopard can look very classy and elegant when paired correctly. A pair of black pants, black turtle neck, and black boots can seem a bit boring, but throw on a leopard scarf and it completely changes your look from bland to fabulous. Best place to purchase? Forever 21.

Knits: There are so many different ways to wear this trend. An oversized chunky sweater goes great with a belt and a pair of leggings. This is a stylish alternative to the yoga pants/sweatshirt combo. Knitted leggings are also a fun way to embrace the knit trend. Pair them with a long tunic or dress. Best place to purchase? H&M.

Brightly Colored Coats: These colored coats will make you forget about how dark and gloomy it is outside. Have fun with the styling. If you have a bright yellow coat, add a purple scarf, purple gloves and/or purple belt for some instant glam. Best place to purchase? Macy’s.

Over the Knee Boots: Perfect for going to class or a night out, these boots will keep your feet  and legs toasty. They come in your basic colors like brown, black and gray. That is great because it gives you the freedom of pairing them with different colored tops and pants. Best place to purchase? Marshalls.