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March 4, 2024
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February 26, 2024
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February 26, 2024

Fee Increase Sends Ripples of Resentment Through UMB Student Body

Emma Paulauskas
Travis Henderson, USG Student President

On Wednesday June 8, The UMass Board of Trustees voted to raise fees 7.5%, roughly $800 per student. The UMass system has watched its public funding dwindle over the last thirty years. Here at UMass Boston, we have dedicated ourselves to providing an accessible education to those who need it most. This fee increase is as surprising as it is new, continuing the trend of privatizing state schools, and moving away from our commitment to accessibility. Time and time again, we hear politicians parade their commitment to higher education during the election cycle, only to put it first on the chopping block during the budget process. It is time they walked the walk. Students and their families are not an “alternative revenue source” for the University. They are our future work force, our tax payers, and those who will invest their time and effort in this state. We  write this letter, as a call to action for the students, families, faculty members, alumni, and friends of not just UMass, but the entire public higher education system. It is time Beacon Hill prioritized our work force, our economy, and our state’s future.

Travis Henderson and Dan McDowell

Student Body President and Vice President

UMass Boston