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February 26, 2024

Campus Volunteering

Lux Magazine




Many people who attend UMB are looking to improve the community around them. Some want to join a movement to effect world change, while others are content to work quietly in the background at the local level. Whatever level you are looking at, there are a number of good choices at UMB.

A strong campus focus is prevalent at both the Student Arts and Events Council (SAEC) and the Undergraduate Student Government (USG). Both organizations help to arrange events on-campus for students to enjoy, from opening-week festivities, to speakers and performers from off-campus. If you want to help entertain and edify your fellow students, these two organizations are excellent places.

If you are looking for a wider community focus, the Advocacy for Resources for Modern Survival (ARMS) Center and the campus chapter of Habitat for Humanity both work to help people in difficult circumstances to improve their lives. The ARMS Center helps guide low-income people through the piles of paperwork required by the state for various kinds of aid, like food stamps and MassHealth, while Habitat for Humanity works hard to end homelessness in the Boston area and around the world. Their dedication to help others in need is inspiring.

If you want to learn more about the world, the Model UN might be a good choice for you. These students learn about different countries around the world and work to think up solutions for these countries. They also have the opportunity to talk with other Model UN clubs around the country, which can be fun and insightful.

Writing opportunities abound as well. Both Lux Magazine and the Mass Media need writers and editors to discuss events on campus and people of interest. Lux, published once per semester, takes a good look at achievements and notable research around UMB. The Mass Media regularly updates its website much like a standard newspaper and prints hard copy multiple times per month. The newly formed humor magazine The Beacon would be happy if you can write something to tickle their funny bones as well.

There are plenty of opportunities to volunteer at UMB, from the above organizations, to dozens more all around the campus. While fall semester is ending, there will still be plenty of opportunities to serve this spring. If these particular organizations do not appeal to you, ask your professors if they know of any good volunteer opportunities you might enjoy. If you have a passion to serve, you can find a place at UMB to do it.