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Nancy Reagan, Former First Lady, Dies


Nancy Reagan, wife of former President Ronald Reagan, died on Mar. 6. She is remembered as a proponent of stem cell research and for launching the “Just Say No” advertising campaign, which sought to prevent recreational drug usage among children.

On Mar. 6, America said goodbye to one of the most influential first ladies of America.

Former First Lady Nancy Reagan died of congestive heart failure at 94 years old. She was the wife of Former President Ronald Reagan, who was in office from 1981 to 1989.

In her earlier years, Reagan was an actress, as was her husband.

According to NBC News, Barbara Bush, another Former First Lady, stated that, “Nancy Reagan was totally devoted to President Reagan, and we take comfort that they will be reunited once more. George and I send our prayers and condolences to her family.”

She was involved in many campaigns while in office as First Lady.

She is best known for her “Just Say No” drug-awareness campaign. School systems across the country began to use the slogan as part of their D.A.R.E. (Drug, Abuse, Resistance, Education) programs.

The Former First Lady also supported embryonic stem cell research. Advocacy for Alzheimer’s Disease and diabetes were her focus points.

Reagan was buried by her husband at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library.

At the funeral, her children mentioned their mother’s devotion to her husband. Their daughter mentions how they were both each others half of circle. Their son also recalled favorable moments.
“Both possessed great individual talents, but as a couple, they were more than the sum of their parts,” said son Ronald Prescott Reagan. “They were co-equals; they completed each other.”