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February 26, 2024
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February 26, 2024

Chancellor Motley Addresses UMB Community

On April 5, the University of Massachusetts Boston Chancellor J. Keith Motley invited the campus community to an open meeting in which he addressed the current budget situation for fiscal year 2017, which begins on July 1.

This invitation came after growing concerns of budget cuts voiced by UMass Boston students and employees.

In an email sent out on March 22, mentions of UMass Boston’s budget gap “could be in the range of $7.5 to $9.5 million, or less.”

In the opening remarks, Student Trustee Nolan O’Brien emphasized that “we are a campus of problem solvers,” referring to the current difficult financial situation.

O’Brien added that public events, like the open address by the chancellor, are essential in developing a solution because “it’s important to have moments of reflection.”

Motley took the stage shortly after and discussed the current and future financial situation of the university with a positive undertone.

“Our latest challenges are not new to us,” he said, referring to past difficult situations that have been overcome by the university.

While Motley did not discuss in detail what possible cuts or changes would be made in the future, he did emphasize that the administration will make adjustments when necessary.

“We are prepared to make big decisions to achieve even bigger dreams,” said Motley.

He reminded the audience that UMass Boston does not stand alone, that it is part of the larger UMass system. UMass Boston not only has to manage their own budget, but also “manage our finances in the context of system-wide fiscal health,” said Motley.

This university system also have its advantages. The system will add funding to all universities, with state legislature providing more funding for schools within the UMass system.

All decisions in the future will be based on the “analysis on sound data” and an increased understanding of the financial management, said Motley.

He shared with the audience that last year, he formed the UMass Boston Committee on Budgeting with the goal of optimizing the school’s future budgeting process and implementation of better financial strategies.

According to Motley, the Budget and Planning Committee is planning an open campus forum, of which the date is not yet known.

Motley ended his address with a reminder to the audience how far this university has come in past years: “We cannot fall back now. We have come too far.”