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February 26, 2024
An inside look at Bobby B. Beacon’s insides. Illustrated by Bianca Oppedisano/ Mass Media Staff.
Bobby's Inside Story
February 26, 2024

Intramural Sports Hits A Home Run

Student vs Faculty Softball Game photo

The University of Massachusetts Boston Intramural Sports department has always prided itself on being able to provide an exciting slate of events, a diverse crop of sports, and a low-pressure athletic environment for students to join in for fun. The Student vs Faculty Softball game on Sept. 13 was no exception to that, as both staff and students alike were thrilled to get out on the field for fun, and maybe a little bit for bragging rights. Although there was plenty of fun to be had, the Students were able to pull out a Walk-Off 11-10 victory over the Faculty.

I had the chance to ask intramural sports supervisor Tom Towey, the man with the walk-off single himself, what he thought of the Student’s play in the game. Towey was elated with the play, and was quoted saying, “For the students it went pretty well; everyone was on the same page, good teamwork throughout. The Faculty, they gave us a good fight, but we were able to work through it.”

The Students fell behind a couple times in the game, but were able to stay in it. That paid off in the final inning.

Kevin Brodrick, one of the Faculty, was a little disappointed with his team’s loss, but was ultimately glad to have fun and proud of how his teammates played. When asked how he felt the Faculty performed, Brodrick was quoted saying “It was a really fun, hard fought, close game that the Students eventually won in the bottom of the final inning. We couldn’t have done any better, and they couldn’t have been any more fun to play with, and we all just had a great time.”

That was overall the goal of this game, and it’s what makes these intramural events so special. It gives different people of varying experience and skill levels a chance to enjoy sports.

I got the chance to ask Intramural Program Director, Shane Conti, about what he felt about the game and what it meant to those involved. When asked about its success this year and what its outlook is for next year, he was quoted saying, “I love this event. And even though I look forward to it, I’m still cautiously optimistic, and then when I come here to these kind of events I just love it even more.”

Shane continued, “You try to put together an event that the students, faculty, and staff will enjoy, so you push it and post it everywhere and get people to sign up. But I think it’s more rewarding when you come out here and actually see it happening. Everyone left here with dirt on them, everyone broke a sweat, and everyone left here friends. I just love everything about this.”
Shane’s excitement and passion for this event was certainly reciprocated by all the players involved. Hopefully if this event continues to grow, it can get even more people to join in for the good times that Intramural Sports Department creates. Word is quickly getting around about just how much fun it is to get involved.