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Letters to the editor:

Jonathan Upton in his article on the Middle East has missed the point. It is pointless to make concessions to a party to a negotiation if he is going to give nothing in return. It has been Israel’s experience that, when she has offered painful concessions to the Arabs, she has seen then taken and has been repaid in blood. Left with a choice between defending herself and making “concessions” for peace, she has, wisely, chosen the former.

Rather than being unreasonable, Israel’s insistence (it is not, after all, a request, but a demand) that the PA crack down on terrorism, is the only path topeace. In fact, the PA is well as well positioned to crack down on terrorism as it was to foment it. Perhaps if we substitute the word “cease” for “crackdown,” the situation assumes perspective.

The proof of my position is the recent news out of the middle east that the Arab in the street in Gaza is finally becoming annoyed with terrorism, realizing that he suffers more than the Israeli as a result.

The tragedy of the middle east is that the Arabs could have had peace on more favorable terms in1948. If there had been peace then, what a prosperous area it would be today. Instead, Arab demagogues, unwilling to accept a Jewish presence (where there had historically been one) maintained a state of war for over 50 years.

If Arabs want peace, let them show it by committing acts of peace, not acts of war. I am sure Israel will respond favorably to the smallest initiatives.