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2-26-24 PDF
February 26, 2024
An inside look at Bobby B. Beacon’s insides. Illustrated by Bianca Oppedisano/ Mass Media Staff.
Bobby's Inside Story
February 26, 2024

Regueton Artist: Mey Vidal

Dear Editor:

I am writing to introduce female Reggaeton Artist, Mey Vidal.

Mey Vidal, daughter of Cubans, and granddaughter of Spaniards. A young singer – composer, born in the small town of Palma Soriano, Santiago de Cuba. At the age of 5, her brother would unite the neighbors to have her sing. Back then, her stage was the living room, her wardrobe consisted of long white bed sheets, and her microphone was her hairbrush. The first time she set foot on a professional stage, occurred at the age of 12, day in which she was chosen as soloist for an event of her school choir. There she discovers her passion for music and ever since then she has not stopped. She continued her carreer as an artist by singing in weddings, celebrations, discothecs, fundraisers, and concerts.

She was the singer for the Salsa Band “Vine Street Rumba Band”, of her small town, and in search of experiences and opportunities, she participated in events such as American Idol-Orlando, Star Search-Jacksonville, Giants of the Tommorrow-NY. She gained first place in the singing contest of Sabado Gigante- (Univision), and Fiesta Gigante (Telefutura). Several remember her as the entertainer, model and singer of the program Next Level TV. The young lady has appeared in live television programs such as MUN2TV of Telemundo “THE ROOF”, Next Level TV, and America TV 41 Channel “The SHOW Of FERNANDO”. She performs in large annual events such as, Miami’s Festival Calle Ocho, Orlando FL’s Festival Calle Orange, Ybor City Parades -Tampa FL, and many more. Mey opens shows for artists like, Daddy Yankee, Trebol Clan, Grupo Mania, Guanabanas, Puerto Rican Power, The Chosen Few Tour, and others. Mey Vidal does not include the crude language that is used commonly in reggaeton. Her lírics are positive and direct toward the things the youth goes through, and towards the great obstaculos of the immigrant. In her own words she expresses, “My music is for uniting different cultures, and for the youth to take good paths”. Mey has always been full of dedication, ambition and carries loads of energy. In the artistic atmosphere because of her down to earth personality, unique style, and for being the first Cuban female in the genre, she is well known as “That Cuban Girl”! Her music is a combination of reggaeton in English and Spanish. His website receives more then 95,000 visits a month, and many of those visitors subscribe to her fan club.

Mey is attracting approximately 1500 people per performance, and receiving great revisions from the media. Her CD “Reggaeton Miami Style” will be released this July 2005. I welcome you to visit her website www.meyvidal.com.

Feel free to visit the following links to listen to clips of Mey Vidal’s music: https://home.comcast.net/~meyvidal/Me_Activo.mp3 Click here to watch videos of Mey’s history:

Vine Street Rumba Band http://www.meyvidal.com/videos/meyvidalvinestreet1.mpg

Telefutura-Fiesta Gigante http://meyvidal.com/videos/fiestagigante.wmv

Univision – Sabado Gigantehttp://www.meyvidal.com/videos/sabadogigante1.wmv

Next Level TVhttp://www.meyvidal.com/videos/meyvidalnltv1.WMV

Clips of live performances:http://www.meyvidal.com/videos/stream3-fuel.wmv

Her music is currently being played in the following stations:

Zol 95.7FM WXDJ Flowery Miami (In top 20), Sauce 98.3FM Flowery Miami, Radio Amiga 100.7FM Calbuco Chile, Radio Gualan-Zacapa Guatemala, Mega 820FM WZTM Flowery Tampa, New Mega 98.1FM Trimming Flowery, Z 105.3FM WZSP Flowery Arcadia, 910AM Hartford Connecticut, 890AM Boston Massachusetts, 1310AM Philadelphia Pennsylvania, 1320 A.M. Allentown Pennsylvania, 1400AM Lawrence Massachussetts, 94.3FM WYBC New Haven Virginia, Jammin’ 107.1FM Rohnert Californian Park, Romance 106.7FM WRMA, Clasica 92.3FM WCMQ, Tropical THE ROOF Tuesdays, 92.7FM Washington DC, Mega 106.9FM WMEG (Puerto Rico), Z 93FM WZNT/ WZMT/ WZET, Wave 94FM WODA/WNOD, 99.9FM WIOA, 97.5FM WIOB, 105.1FM WIOC, Top 96.5FM WCMA, Mega 97.9FM WSKQ, Love 93.1FM WPAT, Mega 95.1FM WEGM, Race 97.9FM KLAX, Sun 96.3FM KXOL, The Flavorful 93.5FM KZAB/KZBR, Wave 92.7FM WDEK/WKIF, 92.5FM WKIE, Law 107.9FM WLEY, Law 94.1FM, Northern The 720, Party 92.7FM KPTI, Flowery Matrix 107 Trimming, DJJC Radio On Live365, Are Of The Caribbean On Live365, The New Mixture On Live365 Bronx New York, The Valley’s Party Station Wild 104 Weslaco Texas, Radio Diffusion Files Peru

My purpose for writing this letter is to present this yount talented artist.

I remain with the hopes that somebody gains interest in her work and gives her some online exposure. If you require any additional information, please do not hesitate to communicate with me.

Thank you in advanced for your time and consideration.


Victor Vidal VistaLine Entertainment Personal Manager PBM 116, 1181 Sumter Blvd. North Port, FL. the 34287 USA Tel. 1.941.313.1478 Fax. 1.877.891.5920 www.meyvidal.com [email protected]

Mey Vidal – Banner: www.meyvidal.com/images/meyvidalbanner.jpg

Mey Vidal – Promotional Photo: www.meyvidal.com/images/meyvidalfoto1.jpg