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I need help to get this story out to the public

I have tried every where else and I don’t know where else to go for this child Please help us get her safe again This is all true and evidence to prove facts (Here is a summery of the case) I have added more of the important factors to this case since the Last time I sent it out to other Groups and to the media To Whom it may concern I need your help to save this little girl from any more abuse

I had this little girl that her mother gave up since she was 4 MO old, and she is now 6yrs old and her biological mother comes back and decides she wants her back.She did have visit over the yrs, but would come very few and in between and she would abuse her, use her for to get money from guys, she was a stripper and 1 1/2 yrs ago I found out that she was sexually abusing her, I took her to the hospital and filed a 51a and they unsupported it. The Judge let my sister Audrey Serrano act as my advocate for prose for me in court at first, for 7 Mo. then Mr. Murphy lied to the Judge and said that she was told not to have anything else with this case and then the Judge forgot that he had let her go prose for me, then he told her do not have anything else to do with this case. Mr. Murphy knew exactly what he was doing when he told that lie, because he seen that my sister was doing a very good job for me and only got the mother supervised visits and she was ready to expose there lies and her abuse. Then Mr. Hession took over the case he promised that he will not let Mr. Murphy Lie against My sister because every time we went into court he would lie and say something about my sister to make the judge mad and Mr. Murphy lied again against My sister and Mr. Hession did nothing and I thought he was her friend as well one of his client, how could he let some one lie against a friend, a true friend would not or an Honest one that says he will do something and not, just like he promised her and he promised me that he would protect that little girl and not let this happen, but again he has lied.Then she got visits through the court and she still has been doing it the little girl has told her Doctor and her councilor about it and they Filed a 51a and she has told DSS about it and still they unsupported it. There has been so many 51a’s on her and one got supported in 2001 and that has never been brought up to the Judge either, what is it going to take to protect this child or are they waiting to end up like those other children (dead) to say something.Then we were supposed to go to trial and everything got turned upside down that day and now the biological mother has her and the mother Has a brother that raped her and the mother has him watching her?I did have phone calls and visits, but the mother cut them off after the night I talked to the little girl and she was crying, the brother was watching her and I am so afraid that he did something to her and they don’t Want me to find out about it.I blame DSS for what that little girl is going through, to rip her out of the only home that she has ever known and DSS or all the officials that is Supposed to perfect these Children let abusers keep doing it again.When is anybody going to listen to the Children, don’t they count and don’t there VOICE or CRIES count, these children count on us, like I told her that I would always protect her, but now who is she going to be able To count on now when her whole world was turned upside down all in one day.She thought her own Lawyer was going to listen to her and she even let her down, because she asked me one day after talking to her lawyer (IS THAT LADY GOING TO HELP ME SO I DON’T HAVE TO OVER MY OTHER MOMMY’S HOUSE NO MORE, SO SHE CAN’T HURT ME NO MORE) and all I could say was I don’t know.I have no one to help me protect this little girl and I am so afraid for now that I can’t even talk to her or see her, she is so fragile right now and she might be 6yrs old but she is still a person and she needs to know That there are some people still out there that do care. I started watching this little girl at the age of 2mo and the mother was a stripper and she led a life of drugs, men, and suicide attempts. The mother then asked me if the baby could stay with me for a while and I said yes, then she came and took her for a week then brought her back saying that she could not handle the baby. The mother would come for the first yr. Very far and in between for only 15 min of a half hr at a time and over the yrs. she would come whenever she felt like coming, which was very few and in between also and she would say she was coming and did not call or come. Then in 2001 she gave me permanent custody of the little girl and said right there in front of my mother and myself that she did not want to be bothered anymore. One day I had called DSS and told a worker there (Kim Rhodes) that the mother was abusing the little girl and she told me that I did not have to let her take her out no more, which she only took her out when she was going to see a guy to get money from him, she would use her daughter for it. Then in 2003 the mother left town and did not tell me and before that she had lived with so many people, that I did not know where she was or how to get a hold of her and there were only a few that I had the address to. Like I said she left town and I did not find out until a month later when I went down the place where she worked and they told me that she got fired and left town a month ago and then I came home and told my niece that she had left town and nobody knows where she is. Then the mother called me and said she is living with her brother Tommy in Fall River and I asked her for a phone number and address and she said no that I did not need it and I then said isn’t that the one that raped you and she said yes, but I have no where else to go. Then one day she came and told me that she wanted to claim the girl on her taxes, I said no because she has not supported her except a few dollars here and there, then she said I am entitled to it because she is still my daughter and I said, I know but that money is hers (the little girls) she got mad. Then in July of 2003 I get a paper to go to court, saying she wants her back now and revoke my custody & Guardianship. Then in Aug she visited with the little girl and gave her a bath and left at 8:30pm and then the little girl came out of her bed and talked to my sister on the phone and told her that her Mommy Courtney (AKA Juanette Laforge) touched her PeePee and it hurts, I then took her to the ER and they checked her then we went home at 12am. Then the next day I called DSS and reported it because the doctor did not make a full report, I got the hospital report and it did not say much at all, I guess it was because he was going on vacation the next day. Then DSS worker (Robin Cormier) came and talk to the little girl and she told her what happen and then Robin talk to myself and the mother and she told them that she was here until 11pm, which I had the Hospital paper with the time we were up there until, then the sent the little girl to Children’s Protective Unit in Worcester and she told them the same thing. She had a SANE hearing and she told them also, then I talk to her again and she told me that she can see some inappropriate touching, but not to the extent of molestation and she was going to unsupport it. Then we go to court and a GAL (William Rourk) is appointed and he only talk to me for 1hr and talk to the mother for 4hrs and then decided for the little girl to go over the mothers house for overnights, no regards to the abuse that I told him about and all the evidence I showed him about her. Then on one of her overnight visits, the little girl came home and she was out of it and holding herself down there and I recorded it, the called DSS and showed them the video and again they Unsupported again. Then in 2004 I got the little girl a Councilor and the little girl told her what the mother has been doing to her, about the physical and sexual abuse, the Councilor seen a bruise on her and the girl told her that the mother did it for touching the wrong make-up and the mother even told myself and my sister that she was going to show the girl the ropes of stripping and my sister said what did you say? She said yes, so that she can take care of me when I can’t. Then we go back to court and nothing is brought to the Judges Attention, then that gave her the upper hand as she says and I got a threatening phone call and Police reports to prove that, this is the second threat I got, the first one was in Dec. 2003 in which it was a guy in a wheel chair. Mr. Murphy also told me that I better not ever bring up about her brother raping her and he also tampered with evidence that I had given my Lawyer (Gregory Hession) and him. Then I. Adopted the little girl and it was Revoked on a lie by the mother, she said I published under a false name and I have proof I did not, because the Court seen that she is still Married and she has been using her maiden name, and the Court gave me the paper to give the paper to publish it and so I did. The mother also lied about where she was living and I have proof of that also, and the DSS in Worcester that help me with the Adoption had tried to locate the mother as I did also and found proof that she lied about where she was living. The mother and her Lawyer (Mr. Murphy) said that I filed for the Adoption in June 2003 and the fact is April 1st of 2003 and my Lawyer (Gregory Hession) did not present any of the proof that I gave him, I gave him proof that she was not living where she said and the court gave me the paper the send to the news paper, He also had the surrender by the father he had signed all rights of the child to me to adopted her and he never once told the Judge. Then the Adoption was vacated and then the Judge got so mad at me, he sent the little girl over there for three week and my family and I was supposed to go camping and I asked the mother if the girl could go camping first and she said no. Then when the girl came home, I took her to the doctors to see if she lost weight because she looked as if she did and she just went to the doctors just before that and she had lost 6 pounds, the mother told her that she was to fat and all she did weigh is 48pds, then she weighed 42pds, then she told the Doctor that the mother touched her private parts and then he filed a 51a with DSS and then the girl told her Councilor and she filed a 51a and the girl told the Worker what happen and all they did was have a phone interview with the mother and unsupported it again. Then the girl still had to go over there and on one of the visits she came home with a cut and she did not tell me about it, she told her Councilor that her Uncle Tommy was drunk and he was swinging a knife and it cut me, the councilor then filed a 51a of that fact and again they unsupported it. Then I get an e-mail saying, (I told you I was going to win this game) and more, but one time she told me to my face that she was going to win this game and I told her this is not a game it is a child’s life you are talking about, I can get any one to believe me. I have three police reports about threats from her and still nothing was done to protect this little girl. Then we go back in court and again no proof or anything else was brought to the Judges attention again about any of that. Then we go back to court on October 13th and we were supposed to make sure that everything was set for trial at the pretrial hearing and then everything got Crazy and was turned into a nightmare, the little girls Lawyer. Marcia Calcagni, the GAL William Rourk, the other GAL Andrea Gordon, all recommended for her to go home with her biological mother that day and I was so scared for the little girl, I asked Marcia how can you do that after I gave you reports from her doctor and her Councilor with there recommendation for no more overnights with the mother. Marcia then said stop thinking about yourself and I said I am not, I am thinking about that little girl, I thought you were supposed to protect her from abusers then she said that I was to emotional, I said how can I not be I have raised her for six Yrs. she has gone through so many changes and she is just a little girl, then she said she will cut off all ties with me with a clean break. Then my Lawyer (Gregory Hession) told me what they plan on doing and then he said we will make an agreement and then Marcia said if I don’t agree with it, she will take it back into court and as mad as the Judge is at you, he will do it and the agreement was supposed to be that I can have visits and phone calls but, I was to agree to let her go with the biological mom, I said this could traumatize her thinking I abandoned her and Marcia said she will get over it. My Lawyer (Gregory Hession) said it was best to go along with the agreement and I was so scared not to because I could not think about not seeing her or talking to her to know what is going on in her life, so I went along with it. Then we all get in the court room and I was hoping my Lawyer (Gregory Hession) would tell the Judge everything what they all pulled, but he did not and the little girl was turned over custody, but I still have Guardianship for now. The mother went and picked the girl up and brought her here to say good-by and the little girl did not know what was going on, all the mother said to her in front of me is, you are coming to live with me and the girl did not say anything but started to cry and then the mother said at 5pm well we have to go and I said I had until 6pm with her and the mother said no, we have to go now. I got one visit with her since then and on that visit the mother stayed with me and my family at all time, would not let the girl even hold my hand or let her sit with me when we went out to eat, then we went to see a movie and the mother said in the middle of it (your visit is up we have to go) I did not say anything because I thought she would lie against me like she has been doing. I talk to her on a Tuesday and the mothers brother Tommy was watching her and the girl was crying and I asked her was the matter and she did not say anything and then she said she was tired and she did not sound like herself, she sounded just like that time on the video. I talk to her on that Thursday for only two min and the mother called here instead of me calling there and the girl said they weren’t home and when I wanted to call back and talk to her the mother said no. She called me on that Friday at 4:56pm and said that I have to go all the way there to Fall River to see her and I agreed and then the mother left a message on my phone and said all my visits and phone calls were canceled, and it was to benefit her and documents to that fact and everything what she said when I called the girl later when I tried to call the little girl. I keep trying to call the little girl every night and I do not get no answer and I am scared why she really won’t let me talk to the little girl. I believe that if every thing was brought out of all the evidence this would not have happen. I have documents stating of everything I have said and more, I am asking any one to HELP ME HELP THIS LITTLE GIRL BEFORE IT IS TO LATE.

(an up date on the case)

Time is running out for this little girl, the mother now wants to terminate all of my rights. Now she is with the biological mother and She had told the Judge that the girl did not want to see my husband and myself and the judge ordered an evaluation with me and the girl, he seen for himself that, that was not true because she ran to me and started crying and now he finished his report and I have gave him of all the true facts in the case. I gave him proof of all the abuse, the threats of where she threatened me and letters from the child’s D

ctors, counselor and so there should be no reason why he should not have her sent back home with me, my lawyer (Gregory Hession) did not give any proof to the Judge and DSS would not help me, they had all the proof also and the child even told them what her biological mother did to her and it was like a lot of other cases they just swept it under the rug. The Child’s Lawyer Marcia Calgani threatened me also, if I did not make an agreement with them that I would not be able to see the child ever again and then they broke the agreement, I have not seen the child in 5 MO and have not talk to her in 4 and a half MO. She would not even let me talk to her on Christmas Day for not even two min to say Marry Christmas, but I have her presents here for her, I miss her ever so much and it is not right that all these people are supposed to protect children and they don’t. I am waiting for a court date to see what the Evaluator said and is recommending this time, and if he does not do the right thing like the rest of them, I don’t know what will happen to that child, I don’t even know what she is doing to her all this time, I hate to think about it. She has her brother that RAPED her watching the child and God only knows what he is doing to her and the Biological mother’s Lawyer (Mr. Murphy) threatened me not to ever bring that up in court and they all know it, also the mother has put in an affidavit that if she can’t have the child back she wants the brother to have her and I thought that was sick knowing what he did to her. We go to court on the 28th of February My Lawyer withdrew from my case, he was supposed to have got at least my visits back so I can see her, but he did not let the Judge know that the Court clinic Guy said in his report that it is important for me to be in the child’s life as a safety net. All I know is that I have not seen or talk to the child since Oct, 16th 2004 and I don’t know want is happening to her and the court clinic guy said that it would be detrimental for me to be cut out of her life just like that after 6 Yrs. I went to the court house to look at the records and there is nothing in there that I gave my Lawyer (Gregory Hession) to support me or the little girl and I do not know what to do now. I had ask my Lawyer to go in to court to resume visits and to set a date for trial so I can get her back before the biological mother tells her any more lies about me, because she already told her that I don’t care about her or don’t want to see her, I also want him to tell the judge that all the evidence is missing out of the file. I f any one has any ideas of what I should do let me know Please and if anyone could help me and this child Please call me or E-mail me. I just got two dates to go to court Feb to see if I can get visits and then the 28th to set a trial date and I am so scared that my Lawyer is still not going to do his job because he believes that no matter how abusive a mother is that she still should have her child. I have E-mails to prove that fact. Now My Lawyer with drew from the case because I said that I want to take it to trial and he said that if I did he is withdrawing from the case. I found a web site of Mr. Hession’s that says A Guardian is another way to steal a child, now I know why he did not help me and this little girl. He knows what he did to me and that child, my rights were violated all the way around and that agreement that was made, they didn’t even let me read it because they said that the Judge is going to get mad at me for wasting all his time so we have to get in there, so just sign it and lets get in there and my Lawyer (Gregory Hession) said everything is in there that we wanted and after the hearing they gave me a copy of it and all the things we agreed upon was not in there. I found more evidence that they all lied to the Judge, but I need to get the Judge to see it but I don’t know how. I also want the Judge how they all covered up evidence that the child was being abused by her biological mother and they say they are out to protect CHILDREN well I say not. I have proof of tampering with evidence and I have concrete proof that Mr. Hession had the proof that I did not fraudulently adopt the child, the abuse, all evidence of her lies and that she even used someone else’s SS# and he could have prevented all this from happening to that child but he did not because in his words Guardians is another way to steal a child. Yes, I am the child’s Guardian and I am also the child’s mother in every way that mattered, Mr. Murphy is protecting this women and he even threatened my sister when she was helping me, he told her that she better not ever bring in the court room about the mother’s brother raping her. I am asking anyone to help me get this child safe again, because she is the only one that really matters here for WHAT IS IN THE BEST INTEREST OF THE CHILD as the law states and as you see it is not for the best for the child to be with her. (The Trial is set for September 2005) If any one want’s to see the proof just let me know and I will show them in person or fax it to them. I then asked Mr. Hession for my records and he sent them to me, I went through them and there is more evidence in there than I knew of to prove that I did not lie to the court. There is evidence that all of the Lawyers in this case covered up all Ms. Laforge’s Fraud, Forgery, cover-ups and purgery to the Judge and I gave it all to My new Lawyer. I want the media and the Goverment agencies all to know about this so that it don’t happen to anyone else. I have a new Lawyer and he has all the proof, he could not believe all the proof that they had and let this happen to that child. Please Help me, I have been trying every where for some one to help me and now the mother wants to take the child out of the state so that no one will know what is going on. DSS sent me a letter stating that they sent a report to the DA’s office in Leominster and in Fall river where they live about the sexual abuse and I never heard anything else about it. I ask myself are these the people that we want protecting us and our children, I say not, they even have knowledge that this mother molested a 16 YR. old and a 14 YR. old and never followed up with it. Thank You Evelyn Treadwell Phone # 978-537-2458