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Introducing UMB’s Politics Society


College campuses around the globe are known for their heavy activism. Campuses provide an avenue for youth voices as they find where they stand on the platforms of a variety of issues that shape the political arena.

On our very own campus, a new year brings a variety of fresh faces and ideas to the adding to the originality of the student experience, including activism of all sorts.

This year has brought its fair share of student activity. The spring 2005 semester alone has seen the initiation of 14 new student clubs.

One of the 14 clubs established this semester is the UMB Politics Society.

For approximately a year and a half, the university was without a proper student forum where students could gather together for a common interest in politics.

This year, the dormant society was re-instated with a brand new constitution.

The purpose of the new UMB Politics Society is “to promote discussion of politics on campus by providing forums, speakers, and special events.”

“Our goal is to bring more discussion of politics on this campus,” says the society’s president, Alex Kulenovic.

Since their initiation, they have been called on several times by professors and students alike to help endorse various discussion forums around campus on issues such as the war in Iraq and the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

The society itself is non-partisan. “We all have our own beliefs and views,” states the society’s press release. However, “If we were to promote one ideology, we would be neglecting an entire section of student life that is alive in this university. By representing all areas of political life we are able to accomplish more and gather more attention and momentum.”

“We are very much here to back up the political science department,” says Kulenovic. “It is the one department that didn’t have a proper society to go along with it.”

The society’s latest accomplishment was a trip to the United Nations where 50 UMB students received a grand tour.

Vice president of the Society, Michael Shively, felt the trip was a success. “The purpose of the trip was to build our community. It gave students with an interest in international relations the chance to see the UN for themselves,” he said.

“The tour went through the main components of the UN, such as the Security Counsel, the General Assembly, the Economic and Social Counsel, and the Trusteeship Counsel,” describes the press release.

“I personally feel like we’ve accomplished a lot considering that this is our first semester,” reflects Kulenovic. “Since our first semester was strong, I think it will be even stronger next semester.”

As far as next semester is concerned, the UMB Politics Society has several plans in the making. In addition to further push the political dialogue on this campus, the Politics Society also plans a trip to Nantucket to address environmental issues and plans another trip to the UN.