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Patty Smyth Shows She Reigns Queen in the McEnroe Court!

A large turnout of faithful fans gathered at the Paradise embracing the return of the never aging wild-child, Patty Smyth and Scandal, in their third show in twenty-one years!

After their first set of tunes, consisting of Love is Got a Line on You, Carnival Lights and Goodbye To You, Patty and the band felt the warmth of the Boston audience and had intimate dialogue in-between sets throughout the night. She sarcastically joked with the crowds that were pressed to the front of the stage pointing and saying, “What the fuck are these? You guys got jackets and drinks and all kinds of shit here up on the stage, I’m gonna trip and kill myself, so you all better catch me!” You actually couldn’t blame her, because it was just too funny!

Sporting a gift of a large Tennis-bracelet from her hubby that came loose, she had an audience member re-latch it for her as she laughed and looked at the jackets again saying, “Do you guys think you’re in my parlor? Should I be laughing?” The crowd reverted back, “Hell Yeah,” as Patty, the band, and the audience alike laughed and bonded.

She had the rocker gear on, the black leather pants, matching high-heeled leather boots, and a very form fitting white tank with a crucifix logo on it, showing that the soccer mom of six still had an amazing bod and this added much sex appeal to her show! The whole show was enjoyable for Smyth and fans alike and a great opportunity for Smyth to let her hair down, if you will.

It was a night of laughter and playfulness seeing Patty and the boys of Scandal enjoy themselves and she even said, “It’s been such a while! What the fuck was I thinking?” This meant subliminally, that she, herself should have started doing this again much sooner, because of the fun she was having, bouncing and dancing like a teenage girl and to see her like that nobody would even question that she wasn’t.

The audience laughed as Patty stated, “Guess where I’ll be on my husband John’s Birthday? I’m off to Atlantic City without him! Yep! After six kids, I told him to get off me and then told him that I’m jumping in a van to have some fun with a bunch of men! [Laughing and looking at her all male band] I’m going on the road, been working on some new songs and maybe a new album will be coming out.” When the die hard fans heard this they cheered! Patty wanted to hear everyone sing again and got the audience involved while the band played Warrior for the second time of the evening, because it was such a crowd pleaser.

She gave audience members a chance to sing along as she held the microphone out to a few selected fans that actually sang along in key! Patty said, “This is why I love Boston!” As she grinned ear to ear saying, “Go Pats!”

I highly recommend 80s music fans to check out the CD Patty Smyth’s Greatest Hits Featuring Scandal. It Spans her entire career and many songs weren’t available on CD until now. This collection includes hits such as Goodbye to You, Warrior, and the duet with Don Henley, Sometimes Love Just Ain’t Enough. Also Patty’s version of a Tom Waits song, Downtown Train, sounds way better than the original or Rod Stewarts version.

It also features two new recordings, Wish I Were You (also on the film soundtrack to Armageddon) and Carnival Lights. Matt Serletic, the producer of acts like Matchbox 20 and Aerosmith, produced both of these songs. A special previously unreleased bonus- track, Everyone Gets Older, is included, which is from Patty’s Never Enough sessions. It’s never too late to buy it, crank up your stereo, and get your 80s groove on!