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Column: Two Bucks a Gallon…Super

...what would be a suitable payment? Credit Card? Cash? How about a kidney?
“…what would be a suitable payment? Credit Card? Cash? How about a kidney?”

As I sat and pumped gas into my car I looked at the price per gallon on the pump…$1.91. Then I wondered, what would be a suitable payment? Credit card? Cash? How about a kidney? Oh wait, I know, my first born child. I don’t mind naming him Exxon OPEC Upton; I think it’s kind of sweet.

Okay, I know that might be a little bit drastic, but let’s get real. OPEC is running our world, and Exxon, Shell, GM, Ford, and Sunoco keep getting richer. I mean, really, we can send space probes to Mars, but we can’t seem to find a logical solution to our little fuel problem. Why? Maybe ’cause the richest countries in America get richer by the day, using these fuels to choke the last dime out of the people who depend on these fuels to live.

There is the question of why not just use less of these fuels. Well, I wish I could stop working but unfortunately for me, like many other people out there, commuting is par for the course.So what does that leave us? You could spend a crazy amount of money and get one of those hybrid cars, but that’s not exactly in my budget. You could ride a bike everywhere, but a winter in Boston will make you reevaluate that transportation decision. Then there’s public transportation, but that’s not an option for everyone.

That leaves you with one option…suck it up. There simply isn’t any other choice. OPEC doesn’t care about the rich, stupid Americans, and corporate America makes far too much money off them to care about everyone else.

But gas isn’t the only way that the OPEC and the friends screw us. What about the people who depend on oil to heat there homes? Home heating is through the roof and people can’t afford to keep warm sometimes.

My sister is a single person who works 60 plus hours a week. Seeing how she’s at work so much, her heating bill shouldn’t be too high right? Um, yeah, try $312, thanks guys.

What about those who can’t afford to pay the ridiculous prices that are being introduced by the lovely oil companies? Well, we just have to get them another blanket I guess, ’cause when its negative five degrees out people freeze and die. But don’t worry Exxon and Shell, those frozen poor people don’t affect your bottom line. So keep playing by OPEC’s rules, because they don’t know what it’s like to freeze, there surrounded by sand for God’s sake. Well as far as I can surmise, OPEC will do as OPEC wants. Why would they increase oil production if they can burn as at 50 bucks a barrel anyway? I guess that’s good old American capitalism floating over there to those little jerks. I mean who cares about frozen people, Exxon now features Dunkin’ Donuts coffee….super.