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Kennedy To Speak in Campus Center

Senator Edward Kennedy plans to address the war in Iraq and it´s ramifications this Friday in the Campus Center Ballroom
Senator Edward Kennedy plans to address the war in Iraq and it´s ramifications this Friday in the Campus Center Ballroom

The long-standing voice of the left, Senator Edward Kennedy will be giving a major address this Friday in the UMass Boston Campus Center Ballroom. Kennedy intends to put forth his ideas concerning the future of American involvement in war in Iraq.

An enduring opponent of the war, Kennedy has, since the war’s inception, had a definitive position on America’s role in Iraq. In his view, the war in Iraq has seen the American stance change from liberators to occupiers. In a speech given at The Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies on January 27, the senator stated, “We must recognize what a large and growing number of Iraqis now believe. The war in Iraq has become a war against American occupation.”

The senator wishes to discuss what he believes is a realistic road forward in Iraq. In his speech at John Hopkins, he references the Vietnam War and draws comparisons with the present Iraqi conflict.

Seen as one of the most well known Democrats in the country, some say his opposition of the war may be based in his unrest with the present administration. “No matter how many times the Administration denies it, there is no question they misled the nation and led us into a quagmire in Iraq” said the senator.

It is well known that. Kennedy has been one of the largest opponents to the war from the beginning and, according to a spokesperson for the senator his speech this Friday will outline his vision of what America should do to solve the Iraqi enigma.

While the Democratic Party struggles to recover from their recent defeat in the presidential election, Kennedy may be taking a step in helping to promote the democrats as an alternative to the present course of action.With many Americans weary of the mounting death tolls and the seemingly never-ending bad news from Baghdad, some remain anxious for signs of progression in the return home of U.S. troops. The opportunity to provide an alternative to the present Iraqi policy, especially by a senior senator such as Kennedy, could spur discussion and reevaluation of positions on the present policy.

According to university spokesperson, the Campus Center Ballroom, which will be the venue for Senator Kennedy’s speech will be prepared to fully accommodate attendees and make the senator feel as at home as possible.

“The senator is a friend of the university and certainly has done a number of events on the point here, be it at the library or at the university,” said UMB spokesperson Ed Hayward of Kennedy’s decision to deliver his speech at UMass.

“I think the facility is proving itself as an excellent venue for speakers and media events,” he said.Kennedy is scheduled to deliver his address in the Campus Center Ballroom on Friday, February 4 at 10 a.m. The event is open to the public.