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From Russia with Love…Nukes

Putin sees nuclear dollar signs.
John Kane III
Putin sees nuclear dollar signs.

Ah good old mother Russia, home of such wonderful things as; Stoli Vodka, Chernobyl, and mail order brides. What could they do to improve on all these little gifts to the world? That’s right give nuclear capabilities to Iran. Ok, terrific.

Why build a nuclear reactor in a country where, to be blunt there motives are shady as hell? Because of money. If this reactor works then Russia wants to go ahead with plans to build seven more reactors in Iran. I am not saying that Iran can’t be trusted. Wait a minute that’s exactly what I’m saying.

What’s next Russia, I suppose you’re going to sell them anti-aircraft missiles? Oh you’ve already OK’d that deal, great. I understand the economic stability of Russia isn’t what it used to be, but you don’t see us arming the Georgian rebels with Abrahams tanks, so maybe back off a little on supplying the people who don’t like us with military weapons.

This isn’t the first time Russia has defended its economy before international security. Iraq is a prime example. Russia was not part of the coalition and I know now that everyone’s saying they’re right, but their motives were not in the right place. Russia had a large part of the Iraqi governments contracts, wrong war my ass, they just didn’t want to blow up their piggy bank.

I don’t think that Russia is totally wrong in thinking about itself first. What I think is a little bit dumb is allowing nuclear capabilities in countries that have high probabilities of terrorist involvement.

Russia’s plan is to supply the Iranians with nuclear fuel, but to store the remains back in the motherland. But wait a minute, what about the two years it takes to cool it before it can be transported back. Maybe I’m paranoid, but I’m not all that excited about Iran having some depleted rods just laying around waiting to go back to the corruption-free Russia.

Think about this Russia, is it worth $10 billion to put some of your largest allies in danger? That’s like us supporting the IRA with military arms, I don’t think Britain would be all about being our buddies the next time we needed something.

Ok, so maybe Russia is still a little sore about the whole losing the cold war thing, but lets let bygones be bygones and all play nice.

Iraq is a huge mess right now and the US has taken a huge hit in the whole accountability department, but this is ridiculous. This is a blatant use of the negative spotlight on the US to benefit from shady business deals.

I mean if there was never a huge mess in Iraq due to terrible intelligence/ambition, there would be no defense for this type of stuff. Everyone wants us to step up with North Korea and stop them from giving the finger to the world and gaining nuclear capabilities. But what about you Russia? They’re right next door to you for Christ sake, and what do you do? You give Iran the same damn thing, thanks guys.

No really guys, thanks.What I think we should do is put together our satellite missile defense system and let the rest of them hash it out. Russia doesn’t want us to do that, but they obviously don’t care about what we want so why the hell should we care about them?

Let them arm all our enemies with nuclear missiles and pretend that they have no intended purposes outside of peaceful nuclear energy.

I mean Russia already has Chernobyl so what if a few more pop up, what the hell. Russia won’t have to clean it up; they can’t even clean up there own mess. I mean the former super power doesn’t even know where the hell ALL their old warheads went, so I guess its okay to not know were Iran, North Korea, or any other third world countries nuclear warheads are. Thanks guys, first Sputnik, now reactors in Iran, oh how the mighty have fallen.