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Story Idea: 7 Habits of Highly Offensive Roommates

August, 2005 Immediate ReleaseContact: Susan FeePhone: (330) 908-3840Email: [email protected] site: www.myroommateisdrivingmecrazy.com

7 Habits of Highly Offensive Roommates

Is your roommate driving you crazy yet? Worse yet, is your roomie completely oblivious to the fact that he or she is annoying? (Rule one for difficult roommates: always blame the other person.) Just in case you’re curious how your situation compares, here’s a list of the top seven roommate complaints from My Roommate Is Driving Me Crazy! Solve Conflicts, Set Boundaries, and Survive the College Roommate from Hell (Adams Media).

(Hint: if you’ve received this article anonymously with a big red star next to several items, your roommate may be trying to tell you something!)

Sex in the room. Topping the list of roommate offenses is a lack of hooking up etiquette. Oh, the joy of walking in on this scene! Some people are considerate enough to give you warning; others just go at while you’re in the room.

“Borrowing” your things. What’s yours is mine, right? Wrong! This person assumes that just because you room together, she can eat your food, wear your clothes, use your computer, or even “borrow” your car – without asking.

Total slob. The slob feels right at home amongst piles of dirty laundry, dishes stacked in the sink, decaying fast food containers and few maggots. The upside is that you get more privacy since this roommate’s dates refuse to spend time in the room.

Hygiene issues. Either this person can’t detect his own special aroma, or he just wants the place to himself by ignoring the basic rules of hygiene: shower daily (with soap), wash your hair, brush your teeth, use deodorant, invest in Odor-Eaters, go light on the cologne/perfume, and do laundry weekly (including bed sheets).

Poor communicator. This person insists that you are the problem and let’s you know by telling everyone else.

Personal space invader. Not only does this roomie stand WAY too close, he’s loud, obnoxious, and assumes everyone loves his music blasting at top volume.

ALWAYS right. Compromise? What does that mean? You wouldn’t have any trouble getting along with this roommate if you would just agree that she’s right, all the time, on every single issue. What’s not to like?