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Press Release/question


Below is a press release related to supporting our troops while opposing the Iraq war. If you choose not to publish, could you please fwd to your colleagues who may be interested?


Contact: Ed Zagorac, 573-635-6119 573-635-1390 [email protected] August 18, 2005

Support Our Troops – Oppose The War

There are many people, some say a vast majority of Americans, that love and support our troops in foreign lands but oppose the war in Iraq. It causes a real challenge to express those feelings and thoughts. So what do you do?

Ed Zagorac and his son, Jacob, started a company and created 5 different magnets, to be displayed on cars, mailboxes or any other public place that say “we support our troops-bring them home” or “stop the war.” The magnets are made in the USA. They developed a website, www.supportandhome.com that gives people access to magnets that allow them to express their position on the war.

Is it possible to both support the troops and oppose the war? In a recent conversation that Jacob had live with Sean Hannity, a national conservative radio and TV personality, Mr. Hannity said, “yes, you can.” He went on to say, “It must be done in a civil, kind way, no name calling, respecting everyone’s opinion and simply stating why you are opposed to the war. You also need to physically do things to show support for the troops -write letters, send care packages, visit families, make donations to veteran’s causes.”

Right after the war in Iraq started, the yellow ribbons with “Support Our Troops” appeared. Many have told us they seem to feel the ribbon offers an ambiguous type of support for the Iraq war as well. The company, SANDS LLC (abbreviation for Support AND Stop) has three basic goals.First, provide a means for people to express the feeling “support our troops – bring them home” or “stop the war”, in a non-confrontational way.Second, a fund raising effort to provide donations to DAV (Disabled American Veterans) and TAPS (Tragedy Assistance For Survivors). Supportandhome.com will donate $.50 from the sale of each magnet to the two organizations. “There are some real needs to help families be with their loved ones in Walter Reed Army Hospital and other facilities, as well as some need for legal assistance to sort through the bueacratic process. And, TAPS.org is a total volunteer organization and receives no government support. It provides help to those families that lost a loved one in the war.” Ed explained.And, the third goal is to cover expenses and provide for one, very modest, salary.There are various magnets for sale in stores and on the Internet. Supportandhome.com is the only company that is devoted to helping people express both support for our troops and a desire to bring them home, as well as raise funds to help wounded troops.